What is there known about air charting and who should buy one?


What is an Air Charter Company For Sale?


An air charter company for sale is in the business of renting an entire aircraft rather than individual aircraft seats like they do on commercial flights. An air charter business schedules flights that are not part of a regular airline route. Chartering a plane means you would be renting out the entire aircraft to a specified group of people who will determine their departure and arrival schedule to fit their needs.


How does an Air Charter Company For Sale work?


The three main things you need to do when buying an air charter company for sale are: to get FAA aircraft certification & registration, create a business plan, and, of course, charter planes for your clients' scheduled flights.

First, you need to develop a business plan for your air charter company that lists your startup capital, flight range, and marginal services. Then look for potential investors, i.e, banks, venture capital firms, and airplane connoisseurs who will be willing to invest in your air charter company. You should also find out what the requirements are for leasing land and obtaining construction permits from zoned airports. You should also contact aircraft brokers to find planes for your air charter company. Once this is all done, you are ready to start hiring experienced staff in the aviation profession.


Next,  you must obtain aircraft certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for your air charter business and submit flight plans for each one of your air charter’s routes to the FAA. Remember, included in these plans along with the routes, you must record the altitude, speed, and passenger capacity to track planes big and small.


It would be in your air charter company’s best interest to find a jet fuel supplier who is willing to arrange a fuel contract with you and help decrease some of your expenses. Lastly, advertise your air charter business through local and mainstream publications and media outlets. Also, create an attractive and easy-to-use website for your air charter company.


How does an Air Charter Company make money?


Owning an air charter company for sale can be a very profitable and resilient industry.  Depending on the size of your aircraft, chartering them can range anywhere from $4,000~$20,000 per hour. If you want a successful and thriving air charter business, devise a successful business plan and research companies before you decide to partner with them.

To learn more about air charters' history visit here



How many passengers can fit in an air charter?


larger planes: 10 - 20 passengers 


Mid-size planes: 8-10 passengers 


small planes: 5-6 passengers 



Conclusion: There are many reasons why a person may want to buy an air charter, but there are also many reasons why they may not want to do so as well. One of the main reasons for buying an air charter is because it can be profitable, but this is not always true, and it all depends on what kind of aircraft you purchase and what type of customer you have.



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