How to buy a fedex route



How to buy a fedex route 


What's the buzz around FedEx routes for sale? And why are so many available for sale? The good news is FedEx routes are still considered a great opportunity to purchase. The business model allows you to purchase the rights to operate logistics as well as delivery services. These route-based businesses are a part of FedEx's independent contracting model, where you, as a FedEx route owner, have one task, and that is to be responsible for running the day-to-day operations of delivery routes. This includes hiring experienced drivers, maintaining trucks and cargo vans, and most importantly, ensuring that pickups and drop-offs are delivered and received in a timely manner.


Another great thing about FedEx routes is there are many different types of models, which we will display below, so you can choose which fits you best. Buying a FedEx route requires a bit of management skills as some come with up to 15 trucks and 15 employees. Does this model align with what you might be looking for? Having a chance to own and run a logistics business with the backing and support of a well-recognized brand! If so, keep reading….



What type of business is fedex


FedEx is a big company that sends packages quickly all over the world. They're known for delivering things fast, like overnight, and letting you check where your package is while it's on its way. They help people and businesses send and receive all sorts of items, and they have different parts of the company that focus on different kinds of shipping, like fast deliveries, ground shipments, moving big stuff, and helping businesses with their shipping needs.

But if you considering owning a fedex route you will need to first understand the differents avaivable 



Types of FedEx Routes for Sale


Sticking around? Great! Now let's explore some of the FedEx routes for sale that you can choose to buy from. Let's break them down into two categories: FedEx Ground routes and FedEx Linehaul routes. Both of these operate within FedEx's network but serve different purposes and have distinct operational models. Here's how they work:



FedEx Ground Routes 


These routes focus on the delivery and pickup of packages from businesses and residential addresses. Owning a FedEx Ground route means you're responsible for daily operations, including ensuring packages are delivered and picked up on time within a specific territory. Ground routes can be further divided into:


Home Delivery Routes: Specifically cater to residential addresses and usually operate Tuesday through Saturday.


Ground Routes: These routes serve customers and usually operate on weekdays. Keep in mind these ground routes also handle residential deliveries.



FedEx Linehaul Routes


Now, Linehaul routes are different from Ground routes; these are on a whole different level. That is why it is important to assess which type of route you want to buy. These focus on transporting packages over long distances, typically from one FedEx terminal to another.


Solo Runs: Simple, shorter hauls that a single driver can manage alone within the DOT hours of service regulations.


Team Runs: These routes require two drivers so the hustle never stops. They drive across the country. They say these are more profitable than solo runs due to their operational efficiency and compensation for their long-distance drives.


Dedicated Runs: Just like their names state - Dedicated runs, which means routes with a set schedule and predictable routes. These usually hit the same places.



Pros of Buying a FedEx Route for Sale


Fed ex routes for sale Plenty of packages to go around.


Fed ex routes for sale  Your route will come with a skilled team and possibly a manager that will stay on board.


Fed ex routes for sale  Not your average cash only business, Routes are paid by miles, stops, and some boxes.



Cons of Buying a FedEx Route for Sale


Fed ex business for sale  More money, more problems? Well, in this case, more trucks mean more maintenance.


Fed ex business for sale​​​​​​​  There are a lot of FedEx routes for sale on the market.


Fed ex business for sale​​​​​​​  Buying a FedEx route must be approved.




When considering the purchase of a FedEx route, conducting thorough due diligence is crucial. There are many experienced FedEx brokers specialized in buying and selling FedEx routes, bringing years of expertise to the table.


Your task as potential buyers is to find a FedEx route for sale that may spark your interest and prepare yourself with a checklist of questions to ask, from examining the financials to the operational cost associated with the route itself.


Most importantly, you will want to ask about the territory you will be taking over and how expanding your route works. What about the legal standards? These are also crucial considerations.


Overall, FedEx is a globally recognized brand, and that could be a reason why it has many routes for sale. Many route owners, as I have seen, keep their routes for years and years before deciding to sell.


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Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed or sponsored by FedEx. It is provided for informational purposes only, and the research conducted was done independently. It is important for readers to conduct their own research before purchasing a FedEx route for sale or any other business. This article does not constitute legal advice or an attempt to solicit readers into buying a business. We do not earn any commissions from listings, and we do not verify the availability or accuracy of listings for sale.

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