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Hi there! I'm Qassem Yafai, the brains behind BizRoutes, with a dedicated team working day and night to perfect our aggregator. We constantly update our platform, seeing what works and what doesn't. I started this platform to make life easier for folks looking to buy a business, for brokerages wanting to sell, and of course, we didn't forget about the brokerage clients eager to sell their businesses fast.

BizRoutes is all about simplicity. When a buyer hops on our site, they get straight-up info we research about businesses for sale, like how much money they make and what exactly the business model is. You see, a buyer may come search for a specific business for sale but may end up seeing something else that may catch their attention, so why not help them understand a little more about that business beyond the financial aspect?

Then if they are interested, with just a click, they're chatting with the listing agent over at the brokerage rather than sending a message through a third-party application and waiting days to reply - that buyer could be long gone! We're big believers in grabbing opportunities when they come knocking. That's why we're always on the lookout for opportunities for sale online.

Outside of BizRoutes, I'm all about sharing what I know with budding entrepreneurs. Understanding how businesses work is key to making smart decisions, and I'm here to help you get there. So, that's me and BizRoutes in a nutshell. We're all about making business simpler, faster, and more accessible for everyone involved.

I am also looking to hear from brokerages, buyers, and sellers. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let's collaborate on ideas!


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