best places to put vending machines


Consider it a favor! Here are the best places to put vending machines


When it comes to vending machines you can’t just pop them anywhere.. to maximize the most profit you need to figure out the best places to put vending machines.

Luckily I took care of that part for you below I will guide you through 7 types of vending machines and where are the best spots you can place them in.

But before we get into that you will need to figure out whether you are starting a business from the ground up or purchasing an established business, if you go with buying a vending machine business then you will need to read this so you can have a little idea of where the machines should be let us take a quick example say the business you want to buy is only targeting ATMs and they place these machines mostly in laundromats then chances are you are getting a bad deal because laundromats have there own coin machines where they can enter there debit or credit card and get access to coins this is the rare to happen but its an example of what to expect in this article…

 Another option when it comes to getting into the Vending machine business is starting one from the ground up there are many places to buy machines, you can find some online or in-person and even on sites like craigslist… Let me list 5 of my most recommended websites that you can browse later in your free time!



Where are the best place places to buy vending machines


When it comes to shopping for machines there are 4 things you should look at:


  • The model of the vending machine

  • The price of the vending machine 

  • The products you can sell inside the vending machine

  • The condition of the vending machine if you are buying it used



Usedvending offers 100% free ads where sellers can sell their vending machines, This is good because sellers can list at a reasonable price and not have to worry about marking up a couple of extra hundred bucks to the price tag.

Better business bureau rating as of June 2022 is A+


  • VENDING.COM has been in business for almost 90 years and has revolutionized vending machines, what makes this company stand out is they take pride in applying the newest technology to their vending machines, another thing is they offer 100% financing! 



Another industry leader is E-vending, with over 80 years in business and all machines are manufactured in the US, they are not an eCommerce site but more of a manufacturer, so the process is to choose the type of machine and contact them thru a form where they will guide you the rest of the process, e-vending also offers 100% financing which means some machines can run you only 5 dollars a day!



Now, where are the good spots to place vending machines?


I selected 7 types of vending machines that are all different from one another to have a good mix.


1.  ATMs

ATMs are well known and became very important to us all, even with all the technology we have like apple paying or paying bills with just a tap on the phone we can all agree on on cash is king and sometimes we all get stranded and end up heading to your closest ATM and getting cash, but like I said ATMs have to placed in places where they can be accessed by people in need of money in the right time and the right places! Here are 5 best places to place ATMs:


  • Location: Mom-and-pop shops

Businesses like delis, discount stores,c, and coffee shops are great places because these shops are usually located in crowded areas where people are walking in and out or passing by them a small sign under the store sign will say ATM inside will grab many customers.


  • Location: Gas stations 

Gas stations are ideal places to put your vending machines, some people may think well they use their cards to buy gas but a lot of people may find them selfs in need of cash so they just grab cash from the ATM while they are pumping gas.


  •   Location: Bars and clubs

Now when it comes to hitting the jackpot, Bars clubs and strip clubs are good spots to place vending machines, Places like these charge a premium, some places charge up to $6.00 a transaction, and that's a good ROI.


  •  Location: Nightlife streets

You’veYou’ve probably seen ATMhine sticking out of a storefront or brick wall, It doesn’t require you to pick a type of business you just need to find a safe and secure place and also get permission from the landlord or leaseholder, you cut them a deal or percentage and give them a cut, now why I chose nightlife areas because just like bars or clubs people are out and about and are spending money so having an after-hours atm spot can come in handy 


  •   Location: Amusement parks

Places, where family, friends, and tourists come to visit, and also great places to put an ATM vending machine, the reason is career is lots of people in and out, having fun and in need of money, whether it is to get on more rides, play arcade games or other fun activities 

2. Snack  vending machines


You waited and waited and nothing you are stuck in a place and can’t leave because they may call you in for your appointment, now you are hungry and you want a snack…luckily there's a snack vending machine in the lobby and you can grab yourself a you probably have an idea of where I will say to place but the heck… ill still list them


  • Location: walk-in clinics

  • Location: Dentist office 

  • Government offices 


….I can list many more but I am pretty sure you get the hint, all these places have one thing in common, there's a waiting line, and waiting equals snacking LOL


3. Cotton candy vending machine


The taste is of cotton candy, everyone loves it…They look cool taste great and are a must-have for kids when you are out enjoying time with your friends or family but do cotton candy vending machines goes anywhere? How about placing one in a dentist’s office? Or a barbershop maybe? Here are my 5 spots for cotton candy vending machines…


  • Carnivals 

  • Movies theatres

  • Amusement parks 

  • Beaches 

  • Gas stations ( Yes! I have seen many gas stations that have marts inside and have small types of cotton candy vending machines placed inside) 


So here I chose these 5 because they all have one thing in common: People go out and want a simple snack while they enjoy themselves.


4. Bitcoin vending machines


Bitcoin is one of the latest currencies that has the world buzzing and everyone wants a piece of the pie but while some can purchase bitcoin off of mobile apps like, some people don't do well with understanding technology, or maybe have other situations that does not allow them to buy off an app or website but luckily there is a solution and its bitcoin vending machine similar to ATMs, you can buy and sell bitcoin right from the machine so where are some places to place these machines?


  • Check-to cash stores

  • Malls 

  • Supermarkets 

  • Delis 

I selected these four one reason they provide a safe and friendly environment for people to come and do their transactions, whether it a check-cashing people are walking in and out to cash their checks and may want to invest some of it to bitcoin or in a busy mall where people are shopping and may consider stashing some money into bitcoin before they spend most of it into clothes and other items! 


5. Beverage vending machines:

Beverage vending machines are one of the most common vending machines we all see, and don't get me wrong these are very much needed…They always come in handy and there's no best place to put these vending machines as they literally can be put anywhere allowed. There are many types of beverage vending machines, some are branded like Pepsi or Snapple vending machines and others are a mix of a bunch of beverages like water, Gatorade, and soda so here are just 7 places where you can get the most bang on your buck!


  • Hospitals 

  • Malls 

  • Government buildings like the motor vehicle office

  • Check to cash

  • Barber shops or beauty salons

  • Carnivals 

  • Trade shows


6. Toy vending machines

We were all there at one point, our beloved parents take us to the avenue or mall or even basic food shopping and we see that vending machine that felt with all these toys..we scream we shouted, and even cried to our parents to give us a quarter so we can run and see what surprise toy will come out… so as you can see you need to focus on areas where it will be seen my kids lol. Here are some ideas for you and the best spots to place these vending machines!


  • Supermarkets ( by the check-out area) 

  • Malls (by the entrance/ exit)

  • Laundromats

  • Barbershops/ beauty salons 

  • Medical clinics 

7. Stationary vending machines:

Here you might what in the world is a stationary vending machine. Let me explain. A stationary vending machine dispenses products that you will usually get at a pharmacy like feminine products or condoms and even the basic stuff like band-aids, they can come in really handy, but where can one place these?


  • Motels

  • Air-bnbs

  • Resorts 

  • Getaways 

  • Trailer park areas 

  • Strip malls ( great for late-night after shops close up)


To sum this one up, you basically can place stationary vending in the best places you feel these items will come in handy.


When it comes to finding the best places to put vending machines, it comes down to location how to get your vending machines into businesses, I  hope this article helped you out, the process of running and owning a vending machine business is pretty fun and simple, and don't forget rewarding…but if done right and locations are well researched. 


The starting price for a vending machine can go from $1000 to $5000 and even higher depending on what niche you target so you must place them in the right spots to make sure you make a return on your investments.


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