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Ontrac independent contractor: What is it? 




Key take aways 


1. Growing your company depends on your skilled leadership.

2. Pick between delivering packages across states or just in your local area.

3.  It's easy and affordable to start, with a simple signup and minimal startup costs.


You've got some time, and you're looking for a side hustle or a part-time gig, but you don't want to work for anyone; you want to be your own boss as an independent driver—did I get that all down?


You probably tried joining Amazon DSP, and yeah, I know, it's hard to get in with so many applicants. Now what? Wait! How about Ontrac!


Did you know Ontrac has a delivery partnership program, and they are looking for independent contractors to deliver packages? In this guide, we will break down how the business model works and what it takes to get started, alongside listing some of the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


Who is Ontrac?


OnTrac is a last-mile delivery company that services the continental United States. The company was founded in 1986, so they've been around for years—in fact, longer than Amazon itself—but it wasn't Ontrac at first; it was known as Lasership. Down the years, Lasership acquired Ontrac, and the two brands merged and now have sorting centers in over 30 states. Ontrac is considered one of the premier transcontinental service providers for E-commerce last-mile deliveries, which helps many retailers save up to 35% on their average cost savings. They also have an average of a 97% on-time delivery performance rate, which keeps customers coming back.


What is a last-mile delivery?


Last-mile delivery is when your package goes from a local warehouse to your house. It's an important step because it's usually the priciest and trickiest part for delivery companies. They have to get the package from a big warehouse to different houses or places, which can be close or far, easy or hard to reach. Now that lots of us shop online, getting your stuff quickly and without a hitch matters a lot for keeping customers happy.


Here is an example: Imagine you've ordered clothes from Shein. Last-mile delivery kicks in after your order has traveled from Shein's warehouse, possibly from a different country, and arrived at a local delivery center near you. Now, it's ready for the final leg of its journey: getting from that local center to your front door. This part is crucial because it's all about bringing your new clothes directly to you, no matter if you're in a city apartment with no parking or a house in a quiet suburb. It's this last step that ensures your order ends up safely in your hands, ready for you to enjoy.



Who does Ontrac deliver to?


Ontrac lets people become delivery drivers, offering two main jobs: sending packages across states or delivering local online shopping orders to people's homes. If you want to drive for a living on your own terms, Ontrac is a good choice. With their across-states delivery, you can drive long distances, moving items from one end of the U.S. to the other. This is great if you like road trips and want to see different places while working. The local delivery job is about bringing online shopping packages right to people's doorsteps in your area. It's a nice fit if you prefer staying close to home, enjoying a regular routine, and helping your neighbors get their shopping fast. 


So, whether you're into long drives or sticking to your neighborhood, Ontrac has options to start your own delivery business in a way that matches what you like to do.

Now, let's talk more on the business side, you see for many upcoming entrepreneurs buying an existing business may not be in the budget at the moment so finding opportunities like this may be ideal at the moment.


Pros and cons of becoming an Ontrac independent contractor:




Ontrac route business Allows you to choose your vehicle of choice.


Ontrac route business They use Beans Route system to help navigate your deliveries.


Ontrac route business​​​​​​​ Leadership is key to growing and expanding your fleet.


Ontrac route business​​​​​​​ Simple signup form to get started.


Ontrac route business​​​​​​​ Low-cost startup.




Ontrac partner program  It's only available in 36 states.


While I haven't found any cons about the Ontrac independent contractor program yet, it did open my eyes, and I even recommended it to a few of my friends. I believe it offers a unique opportunity for those looking to get started in the logistics industry. With their support and tools, you can be on your way to becoming your very own boss sooner than expected. So are you interested in joining ontracs program?



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