Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route


Buying a route business: Pepsi routes 



Pepsi vs Coca-Cola which is better? This has been the question we probably all answered at least once in our lifetime. But in regards to buying a route, there is also an option that is available and that is Pepsi routes for sale, you see coca cola doesn’t offer routes for sale but they can make a great career option with benefits but for those looking to own a route stick around! 

Beverage distribution can be a lucrative business and many people are doing but differently for example they buy beverages from wholesalers and distribute them to customers and these drinks can be a full menu of kinds from sodas to juice to water no limit in the brand, but there is is a catch to this, one is your customers are not protected meaning you can lose them to someone else in a snap of a finger but with Pepsi routes, you are selling under a brand company that offers territorial protection less to worry and a secured investment.

When you invest in a business or in this case a route for sale,  you wanna make the most out of your investment and many buyers rather a route that has that sort of gurantee in it such a branded route rather then a independent wholesaler, In this guide we will break down a little about Pepsi routes, What they offer, how they work and what are the products distributed. 


So what are Pepsi routes?  what is Just like any distribution business for sale, a Pepsi route consists of supplying customers with solely Pepsi products, the Pepsi route will typically come with a truck a list of accounts that you will manage and grow on top of, working equipment such as dollys and a helper or two that may or may not stay on board ( this should be disclosed in the listing for sale) You stock your truck and sell to customers a simple straight forward business. 


To make this as clear as daylight we are not endorsed or sponsored by Pepsi, we are just sharing our opinion, and this is not to be taken as legal advice but just to give you a little boost and confidence when shopping for Pepsi route businesses for sale, You see when buying a business for sale we will usually start at looking at the asking price because we want to know our budget and if the price is in our range we shift our focus on the gross income then profit but is that enough to determine if we should buy the business - may be 


But there are more questions you should consider asking when buying this type of business and these are great simple questions that the seller should have the answers to right away, so let’s begin! 



What are the products sold?


Ask the seller about the products distributed and how they manage this inventory is there a portable POS with all your products and it is easy to manage? 


What about the truck?


Does the truck require a special type of license, most Pepsi box trucks usually have side loading doors and require a class b license..asking this before you buy might be smarter! 



How much can you make owning a tropicana route ?


Get the breakdown of numbers like how the profit is made and does it changes in certain seasons pepsi routes are not seasonal businesses they are consumed year-round but in summer you can see a spike in beverage consumption because it is hot and people are out more. 



What is the work required for me to do?


You will want to know about the work how loading the truck works the time needed to be in the warehouse to load up and where you place the orders for customers, each customer can be different - some may be right in the establishment some loading docks some basement but it is good to get an idea! now let us look at some pros and cons of the business! 



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale People trust Pepsi, so selling its products means more customers for you.



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale  You'll have less competition because only you can sell Pepsi in your area.



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale  Pepsi is popular, so you'll always have people wanting to buy it along your route.



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale  Pepsi routes usually make good money, giving you a steady income.



Pros and cons of buying a Pepsi route for sale​​​​​​​  Sales often go up in summer, so you can earn even more during those months.






​​​​​​​ pros and cons when buying a Pepsi  route  You'll need to lift heavy stuff and go to different places, which can be tough.



​​​​​​​ pros and cons when buying a Pepsi  route ​​​​​​​  Dealing with traffic jams can slow you down and make your deliveries late.



​​​​​​​ pros and cons when buying a Pepsi  route ​​​​​​​  Some customers might ask for things like branded fridges, which can be extra work or cost you more.


Remember these are some helpful questions and stuff to look into to help you get a bit of the idea but keep in mind these questions won’t just be answered by anyone, signing an NDA is a must and some may in require a letter of intent these are to protect sellers. 

  Qassem yafai 


Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed or sponsored by Pepsi. It is provided for informational purposes only, and the research conducted was done independently. Readers need to conduct their research before purchasing a Thumann's route for sale or any other business. This article does not constitute legal advice or an attempt to solicit readers into buying a business. We do not earn any commissions from listings, and we do not verify the availability or accuracy of listings for sale.

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