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Buying or starting a drink vending machine business?



Here are the best 10  places to place your machines

If you are looking to start your own business, or want to add a new product or service to your current one, you should consider vending machines. They are a great way to make money and help people at the same time. Vending machines can be placed in any location where you think they will be profitable. A beverage vending machine can be a lucrative addition to any business. To succeed as a seller, you need to choose the right location. Here are 10 places to place your beverage vending machines:



1. Office building:

The office building is a great place to place a beverage vending machine. The office building is the perfect location for people who work on computers all day long and need to stay hydrated. You will find that most offices have water fountains where people can refill their bottles or cups with water, but sometimes this isn’t enough for some people as they may not want to use plastic bottles or cups that could harbor bacteria or germs from previous users. A beverage vending machine will provide them with cold filtered water at any time throughout the day without having to worry about any contaminants being introduced into their system through the use of plastic containers or glasses.

2. Hotels:

Hotels are one of the best places to put a vending machine. Hotels are a good place because they have many people traveling and need drinks. There are many hotels around the world, which means you could put your drink in any hotel anywhere.

This is a good place because these people will pay more money for their beverage than they would normally pay at home or work, so you can make more profit from them.

3. Hospitals:

The hospital is a great place to place your beverage vending machines. The hospital is an excellent location for your drink vending machine because it provides you with a high volume of traffic, especially coming and going to appointments in the morning and evening. This is also an area that generally has a lot of people who are waiting around, so they have time on their hands. It's also not uncommon for folks to be stuck here overnight or even longer if they're admitted into the hospital by accident such as in the case of car accidents or other injuries where someone may need immediate surgery.

4. Gyms:

The gym is a great place to place your vending machine because people are there for a long time and they're looking for alternatives to their usual snacks that they may have had on their way in.

Gym memberships can be expensive, especially if you have more than one person in your family who wants to join. A vending machine provides an alternative that is much cheaper than paying monthly dues or joining fees. You'll find that many people who use fitness centers would prefer buying their snacks from a vending machine rather than going into the store every time they need something to eat or drink after working out.

5. Bus or train station:

Bus or train stations are great places to get thirsty and buy a drink. A lot of people use public transportation every day, so you’ll likely find someone who wants to get some water or maybe even a hot beverage when they’re feeling parched.

If you decide to install a beverage vending machine in one of these locations, make sure it has plenty of options, don't just stick with standard soda! Be sure to have some water available for those who want it and also consider adding other options such as hot chocolate or coffee drinks.

6. Restaurants:

Restaurants are the perfect place to place a beverage vending machine. Not only does it give customers an option to purchase drinks, but it can also encourage them to stay longer and spend more money. If you run a restaurant, you know that there are always people waiting for their food or drinking water, so having a vending machine on hand is a great way to get them out of the way while they wait. A beverage vending machine will also help your business because it can bring in extra income without requiring much work on your part. The best thing about placing a beverage vending machine at your restaurant is that it will help you grow your customer base.


Restaurants are ideal places for vending machines because they have high traffic and most people spend a lot of time waiting for their food. Restaurants can benefit from having vending machines because they help keep customers occupied while they wait for their food. People who order beverages from restaurants often leave quickly after getting their drinks, so having a machine available allows them to get what they want without having to leave immediately following their meal.

7. Churches:

Churches are another prime location for placing your beverage vending machines as many churches host events such as weddings which have long lines that go throughout the night but also have some downtime where everyone needs something to drink like water or soda pop. Depending on how big your church is will determine how much money can be made from selling drinks at these functions but it's worth considering adding one into your lineup since attendance tends to grow during these times anyway.

You can make sure that your vending machines are placed in churches that want them by partnering with a company that specializes in placing vending machines. This will help you avoid having to go through the trouble of installing and maintaining your vending machines. It also gives you access to their customer base, so there's no need for you to worry about finding clients yourself.

8. Schools

The first set of places you should consider placing a drink vending machine in schools and colleges. Schools have a lot of students and teachers who are always thirsty, on the move, and in a hurry. Students don't have time to stop at the cafeteria or café during class breaks. Most don't even take breaks.

Teachers will often forget to eat lunch because they're too busy trying to teach their students something valuable while also keeping them entertained.

People who work at school are always on the go! They need something to quench their thirst while they're teaching math or history or whatever else they do all day long. And when they get home after working at school all day long? Their kids want them to help with homework or play soccer and then there's dinner prep and laundry. So it's important for them not only to have access but also to be able to prioritize refreshments for everyone involved in each household unit to run smoothly.

9. Recreation centers

Recreational centers are great places to place a beverage vending machine. There are many recreation centers in the United States, and they all have one thing in common: people who play sports. People go to these places for various reasons, but some of them want to play sports, and others just like hanging out there because it's fun. These recreational centers can be found anywhere from small towns to big cities. Because of this variety of locations across the country, it makes sense that when you think about how many places are available within these facilities themselves then you'll find that no matter where your business might be located, you should consider placing a vending machine there because every single one has potential customers who would love an ice-cold drink after playing their favorite sport.

10. Airports

Airports are a great place to put a beverage vending machine. They are busy, so the vending machine gets a lot of traffic and it's usually an easy sale for the buyer. People at airports don't have much time to spare, so having a beverage vending machine available is convenient for everyone. People who are traveling often need something to drink and finding one of these machines will make things easier for them. For people who work at airports, this is also an option for them when they want something to drink during their breaks or even during their meals.


Placing a beverage vending machine is a great idea for any business, and the best part about it is that the unit will pay for itself in no time if placed correctly. You can choose from various types based on your needs like beverages. It all depends on what works best for you.


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