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How to start or buy  vending machine routes for sale?

We live in a fast paced world, where every minute matters, where people at times have no choice but to grab a quick meal or snack on the go and save the sitting at a resturant table for the days off and free time, but with innovative ideas and brillant creations, we now have so many types of vending machines, from beverages to snacks to even microwavable meals, yes indeed and theres no need to hold a line.


I remeber growing up, we had one kind of vending machine, it was for the candy and snacks and now theres so many kinds to find, i recently seen a vegan vending machine in soho, i was amazed. 

Starting a vending machine business is a great way to build passive income, It requres little effort and they can earn you great income, you can also find vending machines for sale as well and grow it bigger by adding more machines. 

Getting in this lucrative business is a smart investment, but theres alot to know before you start, picking the right vending machine business is simpler, buying the machine is more simpler but placing them in locations…now that will require work! 


How do vending machine works?

If you are in the market to buy a vending machine foor sale then keep reading, Vending machines hold anything from food to to even items, i am pretty sure you have the idea of how they work but let me try to break it down even more for anyone else that is considering buying or starting a vending machine business. 

STEP 1: Get your business set up 

This requires more then just a business LLC, You will need to apply for a vendor license, business insurance and get approval by landlord or business, you should contact your state agency to help you get started.

STEP 2: Find your wholesaler

You need make a profit, you dont want to sell at a break even point so its important you buy at wholesale, and i dont mean costco i mean a real wholesaler where you can get the lowest price possible. 

Step 3: Buy the machine

This requires a investment depending on what you will sell you will need to make sure it will be able to dispense your products, these machines can run you a miniumum of  $1,500 to $5,000 and up, so prepare to invest.

STEP 3: Get accounts

This is the challenging part, where most people just say let me just buy a route route off a seller instead of dealing with finding new locations, getting locations is not as easy as it looks, but with the right game, you can pull it off.

Which vending machine business choose i buy?

Picking the right vending machine for sale comes down to what you want to sell, where you want to place them and how much these machines cost for example a beverage vending machine can run you $5,000 while a gumball machine can cost you $500,  so it comes down to your investment, but skys the limit when it comes to vending machine , if you are considering starting a vending machine from the bottom up you can start with the basic which is the orignal snacks vending machines and as you get better and understand how the business works you can move up to beverages and food items, with so many types theres no stopping you, and if you considering buying the seller will tell you types of machines they have. 


Good places to put vending machines

Location, Location , Location! When you are going to invest money in buying a vending machine route for sale, the ultimate goal is passive income, i will give you some examples of where to place certain types of vending machines to give you a little idea!


When we head to our local laundery, we either go alone or bring the kids and we invest at least one to two hours here so yes its a very good place to put vending machines what are some vending machines that can go here, can you guess?

-Gumball machines

-snack machines

-detergent machines



If theres a local private gym near you , you may want to try and get there business but what machine will go here ?


  • beverage machines
  • supplement vending machines
  • workout supplys vending machine ( headphones, wrist bands , head bands) yes !they have those too now

3.hospitals / urgent cares 

Feeling sick? Or maybe driving someone to see a doctor, these are the gold mines for vending machines if you aquire a business with vending machines in hopsitals chances are they are generating good money.what type of machines will go well here, you might of thought medicene vending machine right ? nope, wrong.

  • Snack vending machine
  • beverage vending machine


For more detailed report on where to place vending machine check out this article where we narrowed them down for you.



Overall picking the right vending machine routes for sale can be complicated and starting one can be challeging, but its one of the most upcoming business and if done right this business venture can you earn you income while you home, its a great business and thats why i say its better to buy one then start one, if you consider buying one here are some tips and advice,


Tips when buying

1.See how long each contact is.

2.Ask how new are the machines are.

3.Are machines under a warranty 

4. Where do they buy there inventory from.



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