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1. Big Geyser Inc. Bio:


Big Geyser Inc is one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world. It was started in 1986 by a man named Irving “Hal” Hershkowitz, known as a beverage industry legend. His company has been family owned ever since. They are based in Maspeth and service all counties and boroughs in New York. They offer juices, teas, water, nutritional soft drinks, and a variety of snacks. With over 125 delivery vehicles, more than 100 merchandisers, and greater than 400 products, Big Geyser Inc. has become one of America’s respected distributors, if you want to buy a beverage distribution business for sale keep reading


2. What products do Big Geyser Routes sell?


Big Geyser Routes sells C4 Energy, Calypso, Celsius, Electrolit, Essentia, Hal’s New York, Poppi Soda, Sparkling Ice, Super Coffee, and many other fine brands of non-alcoholic drinks as well as snacks like Hal’s New York kettle chips, pretzels, and popcorn.


3. Where is Big Geyser sold? 


Big Geyser has direct relationships with all major grocery, drug stores, convenience, mass merchandisers, clubs, and corporate/institutional food service providers in their distribution areas.


4. How much does a Big Geyser Route owner make? 


Some beverage distributors can make as little as $750 a week per year while others can make up to $2,500 a week. It all depends on how many accounts are coming with the big geyser route for sale.


5. Who should consider buying a Big Geyser sales route?


Big geyser routes require heavy lifting of cases of soda and drinks, this business will be great for someone looking to be an owner-operator but can be also operated as an owner-absentee business, you can run this business without actually having to do any of the heavy liftings, the downside to this is it may eat up some of your weekly profit…The average CDL driver can cost you about $69,000 a year.


6. What type of truck is required with Big Geyser routes? 


The Big Geyser Company provides their drivers with AC and Automatic Transmission Trucks to make their deliveries. All that is required from you is a CDL Class B driver’s License. They will even pay you while you train to obtain it.


7. How many days are required and what is the work description?


When working as a route distributor for Big Geyser, you can expect a 40-hour workweek and additional overtime hours, if you are interested. The job description includes some light warehouse work, restocking the truck, then delivering the products to their destination. 


8. Do I need to hire an employee?


Extra help is required if you ever decide you may need more days off or are unable to lift heavy packages. If you prefer to just do the driving, then consider hiring an employee to get your items off the truck and into their stops, In the summer beverage sales triple which means more cases in every stop, this may require a driver and 2 helpers depending on the size of your daily route…


9. Benefits of buying  Big Geyser Routes for Sale


Working for Big Geyser, Inc has its benefits. They offer competitive pay and a benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, paid vacation, paid sick time, paid family leaves, and plenty more! 


10. Conclusion: Why consider big geyser beverages to distribute? 


Besides distributing some of America's favorite drinks, buying giant geyser’s routes for sale can be in your interest, the company has a great background and support system, If you are not ready to buy a beverage distribution route, you can check out some of the benefits of working for giant geyser here.


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