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Joining the bizroutes business broker search directory has a number of advantages, the primary one being that listings are free. Another advantage is that, after putting a business listing for sale, you can see how many clicks and emails you received per listing to show your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.
If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us

Bizroutes is a platform to sell and find businesses, we are not business brokers and we don’t list any of the businesses for sale on the site, all listings on Bizroutes come from private sellers, firms, or business brokers. We make every effort to carefully review each listing that enters our site. We try our best to find and remove any listings that appear unrealistic, or spammy and ads that seem deceptive from listings; if we think a listing is untrue, we don't approve the listing.
We are currently working on the ios app.
If it’s on wheels like a food truck then yes! Our primary focus is vehicle-based businesses, here are some example.
  • Food trucks
  • Food vending machine businesses
  • Hot dog stands
  • Mobile catering
Simply by logging into your dashboard and hit the delete icon.
You can submit as many listings as you like, but remember that each one will be screened to ensure that it matches what our users are looking for..
No, but we will eventually incorporate all different types of businesses. You will be alerted on your broker dashboard as soon as this happens.
Yes, we are aware that businesses sometimes need to increase or decrease their asking price. Changes can always be made, and once made, we'll add them to any new listings we have for that week and email them to our subscribers.