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Is it better to start or find a garbage business for sale


Starting your own Garbage collection business can be a rewarding and profitable way to start your own business. Garbage and trash is a business that is extremely recession-resistant as waste is created even when people eat, sleep and turn on the lights. It does not require a high investment to start a garbage and trash service business because much of the equipment needed is standard, such as a truck. A garbage route offers a great opportunity to start a small business in a region or community that is in need of more trash and garbage collection services. Doing so provides you with the chance to add value to your community, as most commuters and residents are more than happy to have more efficient trash and garbage collection services.

If you want to start your own small business, buying an established garbage route can be a good way to get a head start. Buy an established Garbage route or an existing Garbage route franchise near you.

Garbage route businesses typically consist of single trucks to multi trucks running once or twice per week depending on pick up schedule , servicing all types of businesses that need waste removal such as  hotels, restaurants, schools, apartment complexes, and government buildings. In addition, buying established routes can be easily expanded upon, making starting and owning a small route easier to manage.

Advantages of buying a existing route

-getting a handful of customers ! when starting a new garbage business in a high competitive market , finding new customers to switch to a new garage company means you have to lower prices at a regulated market

-you get the trucks with the deal , whether it’s one garbage truck or 5 trucks they usually becomes yours after purchase

-drivers , finding drivers is the toughest part as they are the Ken’s who represent your company’s they see the customers day to day when picking up garbage on scheduled route

What trucks are used for these routes? Garbage Trucks
Who are the clients? Hotels, restaurants, schools, apartment

complexes, and government buildings.

What is the nature of work required? Picking and disposing of commercial business Garbage,

Can I find a garbage company for sale? Yes

How do i get paid ? typically a agreement is placed, and after collection customer pay you ,this way you can manage the amount of weight you collected from each customer


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