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Let's discuss what a landscaping business is and how it works...


This is a great type of service-based business buying one of these businesses means you are a person that enjoys working with their hands when searching for landscaping routes for sale in your area, it can be tricky some can start at $75,000 while others can go up to 250k and even more depending on how many clients and what type of clients they are, they can be single-family homes to commercial property and office buildings. 

 Landscaping maintenance is a lucrative business but one which thrives only in specific seasons. So, it is understandable why you are unable to reach a decision. The landscaping business has its pros and cons. And to reach a profitable decision, you need to weigh these pros and cons against each other and see which comes out the heaviest.


Advantages of buying landscaping business for sale:

To help you decide whether you should invest in the landscaping business, we are presenting some significant advantages of the landscaping business along with the drawbacks that come with them.

Read till the end to decide on buying a landscaping business that you will not regret.


Be Your Own Boss:

No one likes their boss. And if someone says they do, they are lying.

The best thing about buying a landscaping route for sale is that you get to be your boss. You are not answerable to anyone. You decide your working hours and determine the days you work and the days you relax.

This flexibility of routine, of course, comes with its downsides and requirements.

Buying a landscaping route for sale requires you to be disciplined and dedicated to your work and have good business ethics. Otherwise, you can’t expect it to yield results.

Secondly, once you are in the landscaping business, you operate as an independent business owner. And you know what that brings, lots of taxes, insurances, and other sorts of accountant stuff that you have to manage yourself or hire an actual accountant for it.


Decide your customers:

Landscaping routes come with some accounts, so you don’t have much freedom to choose the clients you like initially. But once your business finds stability and you are ready to expand it, you can add the clients you like best or who are more profitable.

For example, you can add accounts to your route that are concentrated in one area. Doing this will save a lot of your profit from going into fuel. You may as well drop some of your previous clients who you never liked and replace them with nicer ones who are more accommodating to your ideas and pay well.

But client acquisition in the landscaping business is not easy. You must invest an immense amount of time and resources in expanding your route. You may even have to go door-to-door, dial some cold calls, and send some cold emails to get new clients.


Lots of Options to Choose From

By buying a landscaping business for sale, you open many avenues for yourself and choose to walk down any one of them or pursue multiple paths at once.

You can begin with getting your hands dirty doing gardening or providing basic landscaping services like lawn mowing, leaf blowing, pruning, etc. And once you have generated enough profit, you can start landscape architecture on the side. If it finds stability, you can switch from basic landscaping to landscape architecture and design.

But finding stability in the landscaping industry requires experience and skills. You cannot decide to start a landscaping route one day and become an expert landscaper the next.

It is only a good idea to invest in a landscaping business if you understand things that matter in landscaping. If you cannot tell what soil would be best for roses or don’t know the cement-to-water ratio to make concrete, landscaping might not be a good option.

Determine Your Income

Another significant advantage of owning a landscaping route and running your own business is setting how much you are paid.

To get a noticeable profit, you must include equipment maintenance, taxes, fuel, insurance, and other charges into your hourly rate. And then settle on a rate with a good profit margin that can make for a good income.

However, determining your income comes with its restrictions. You can’t just set a rate with substantial profit and expect to get business.

The landscaping industry is competitive. The only way you can get ahead of your competition is by optimizing your rates according to your services while keeping them lower than what others offer. But still enough to make for a good income. 

Consistent Business

The landscaping business is a recession-proof business. It is not like owning a refinery. Once the oil runs out, you’re out of business. The world will never run out of grass and greenery (hopefully). And as long as there is grass to cut, there is money to make in the landscaping industry.

So, while investing in a landscaping route, you won’t have to fear going out of business. There will still be days when the business will be slow, like in the winter season when the landscapes, lawns, and trees are covered in snow.

Remember how we said this business offers many options? If you fear your business slowing down in the colder months, you can always switch lanes and start doing some other landscaping type. For example, you can mow lawns in summer, plant flowers in spring, rake leaves in fall, and shovel snow in the winter.

So, while the fall and winter months may yield less profit, you will have enough income in the spring and summer months to get you through the slow colder months if you are smart.


The landscaping business has unmatched scalability. Once you invest in a landscaping route, you can always add more accounts to it and expand your business to generate more income.

You can start by doing what you can do best. And then gradually gain more skills, acquire more clients and grow your business.

If the workload becomes unbearable, the landscaping business also offers you an opportunity to hire help. You don’t need to look for qualified and trained people to add to your business. You can employ entry-level landscapers, and they can learn as they work.

However, while hiring extra help enables you to get more projects and increased income, it comes with additional expenses.

Once you hire employees for your landscaping business, you will have to pay for their workman’s comp, salary, and other such expenses. Moreover, such employees usually have lower retention. They leave as soon as they spot better opportunities.

Low Business Operational Cost

The landscaping business requires a substantial initial investment. However, it compensates for this with low business operational costs, which reflects in increased profit.

Once you have invested in a landscaping route and all the necessary equipment, there is not much that you’ll need to pay for. Fuel expenditure might make up a sizeable portion of your expense. However,  you can minimize that by opening accounts closer to one another.

But, while promising a good profit, landscaping is super labor-intensive. If you cannot stand the thought of working in the hot, sunny, and humid weather, sweating, with dirt sticking to your skin. Then this isn’t the business for you.

To Sum it Up

Whether you will get to enjoy the pros of investing in landscaping routes for sale depends on how well you can bear the cons of landscaping.

If you think you can manage your own business’s complex finances, you have the right skills and experience and don’t mind going door-to-door marketing your services. You may find stability in landscaping.

But only invest in this business if you have the flexibility to switch your services with the weather and are willing to work long hours in the sun because success in landscaping demands laborious efforts. But it yields profit good enough to compensate for the hard work you put in.



To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice. 

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