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Line haul run routes are one of the fedex routes available for sale. Their are certain factors of line haul that make it different from other FedEx routes. They're basically consisting of delivering long distance routes and are normally operated during the night. So if you enjoy long drives during the night, line haul run is the bets option for you.

The drivers have the freedom to chose working hours of their own when the traffic is low.

Requirements for a line haul run buyer include them having a CDL license. The number of employees for each route can vary depending on the work. For example, if only one driver operates the routes, the route distance is comparatively shorter.

The vehicles used in the line haul run are mostly 18 wheelers. There are 3 different types of deliveries. The driver can be assigned a fixed starting and stopping destination for example from city x to city y everytime they deliver products. In some cases, a specific starting destination is assigned but delivery destination can vary. The last type includes daily delivery with an assigned territory where they supply goods to the businesses.

Talking about the revenue and profit margins, FedEx takes a lead. Profit margins can range from 15 to 40 percent of the total revenue generated.


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