What you need to know about buying Formisano Bakery routes for sale!





1. What are Formisano Bakery Routes for sale?


Formisano Bakery was established in 1991 by Aniello Formisano and his two sons in Saugerties, NY. His family and friends had a prior history in the baking goods department. It started with one truck and Mr. Formisano’s close circle of family and friends working together to what is now a growing business with over 15 people employed and a fleet of trucks that deliver their delicious baked goods.

Formisano Bakery Routes for sale are distributors who supply wholesale markets, schools, commercial plants, convenience stores, gas stations, and general stores with competitive prices and dependable delivery.



2. What products do Formisano Bakery Routes sell?


When becoming a Formisano Bakery distributor, The Routes sell all kinds of baked goods, including, but not limited to, Kaiser Rolls, Subs, Bagels, Croissants, Cakes, Muffins,  and much more!



3. Where are Formisano Bakery Goods sold?


Formisano Bakery Goods are based in Saugerties, NY, and deliver to the surrounding area. Their delivery area also expands to the north of Lake George, NY, and southern Vermont, south to Newburgh, east to Springfield MA, and Hartford CT, and west as far as Ellenville.



4. How much does a Formisano Bakery Route owner make?


A Formisano Bakery Route distributor gets paid hourly. The average weekly pay will range between $1,445-$2,400 depending on sales made and the deliveries made by you.


5. Who should consider buying a Formisano Bakery route for sale?


Formisano Bakery route is a great place to work if you enjoy the smell of freshly made baked goods in the morning. Also, since Formisano Bakery is a local distributor, you might want to consider working with them if you live in the surrounding area.


6. What type of truck comes with Formisano Bakery routes?


Formisano Bakery Sales routes require box trucks or trailers that can be included with the seller listing price or sold separately for an additional price.



7. How many days are required?

Formisano Bakery Route distributors operate 7 days a week. Distributors can work part-time, either choosing the 1st shift or the 2nd one. Customers may set up standing orders which contain a different order variety and/or count for each of these days. These products can be delivered with no extra interaction needed. Of course, changes can be made daily if needed.


8. Do I need to hire an employee?


There is no need for you to hire an employee when working a Formisano Bakery Route. The delivery area does not span that far and the products you will be distributing are basic baked goods to local convenience/general stores or gas stations in the surrounding area.


Conclusion: Benefits of buying  Formisano Bakery Routes for Sale


Since a Formisano Bakery Route distributor’s pay is already established, you can have a steady income from the get-go. The amount of money you make relies on the distributor.  Bread will always be in high demand, as is the ownership of the bread business. You can make money with it, or if you want to quit, just sell it and make a profit out of it.






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