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What is a holsum's bread route for sale?


Holsum Bakery was established in the year 2008. Fresh or refrigerated bread and bread-type rolls, pies, cakes, and other bread routes for sale are all part of the company's product line. Its parent company is Flower Foods.

Bread routes are almost like a self-employed salesperson that sold a range of baked products. A bread route, like any other route company, distributes goods to customers in a particular region or territory. You'll most likely work as an independent contractor, distributing to many customers in a given area. Grocery shops, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, and a variety of other food-related companies will usually be on your path.



Are Hoslum Bread Routes for Sale Profitable?

For their sales efforts, the route owner is compensated with a commission. Bread routes usually come with an existing book of business, so you can start earning money right away. Your commission, on the other hand, is determined by national distributors. One typical arrangement is for the distributor to sell you the bread for 80% of retail, and then you sell the goods at 100% to your customers. The difference of 20% is your income.



What is the required truck type and are there any other tools involved?

You’ll need a delivery truck, or a cargo trailer to deliver the bread to your clients in your territory. You might also need a computer for accounting.


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