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Looking to Buy a medical supplies business for sale?


Here’s what you need to know! 

Not all heroes only work in a hospital, when it comes to helping people it can be anything  from transporting the people in need  to the doctor’s office or even  bringing them medical supplies right to their doorstep, If you want to be apart of this billion dollar industry then keep reading, If you landing on this page you might of have searched for specific route for sale in the medical industry or this one in particular but we want to do our best to make sure you make the right decision, I will break down step by step on what it takes to own and operate a medical supply business for sale…


Can you make money selling medical supplies?

When it comes to selling medical supplies, it’s just like any other business, there is cost of goods then your markup after that, one thing that separates medical supplies then your average business products is that you can bill the customers insurance as well.


How profitable is the medical supply business?

Depending on the medical supplie business for sale you buy, each will come with its own expenses and payroll and that will bring you to your profit but in regards to the products like the supplies and devices you can make anywhere from 11% to %45 percent depending on which products you sell for example if its basic items like Ammex Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl ( case of 1000) you can buy them wholesale for $40-$45 dollars and retail for $55-$80 and bigger items like beds and sofas you can make more.


How do you market medical supplies?

There is many ways to market your medical supplie business, if you are buying a medical supplies business for sale you should definitely continue on what the original owner had going because sudden changes can effect the business sales.

Places to get more sales for your new business:

  • Opening a amazon store

  • Online marketing 

  • Google ads 

  • Local advertising like, yellow pages 


What does medical supplies delivery actually do? 

By buying a medical supplie business for sale You are providing a service to individuals that need assistance or are not able to leave there homes due to any medical reasons, these can be people who broke a leg to people with more serious conditions, when they order products from a medical supplie business, they are relying on quality service which means  fast, affordable  and friendly service. Your customers can shop online or call in orders, they can be local or nation wide customers also customers can pay out of pocket or they can have there insurance cover the bill.

The day to day process of the delivery includes :

  • taking orders from the clients

  • delivering the supplies to customers

  • making use of your free time by working as a salesman to look for more business

  • getting the experience by working with wholesalers and eventually excel in getting more work.


What products do medical supplies delivery do?

We cant list all the items but the medical supplie list can go over 2000 plus items i will list some products  that you can research on a later time but this is to get a hint.

Home care beds

Chairs that raise and lowers with a remote 

Wheel chairs 


Nurse scrubs to gowns 

Gloves and protective gears 

Covid supplies 

IV’s and even over the counter meds.


Who pays for medical supplies delivery businesses? 

As discussed above customer can pay out of pocket or have their insurance cover it, this will depend on the medical supplie business for sale you buy, most of times the business can come with monthly recurring customers that order the same products monthly and you bill the insurance. You and your team will also handle the calling of the insurance to get your invoice’s paid..


Does a medical supplies delivery need a storefront?

As a medical supplie business you will need a place to stock inventory, this can be a small warehouse to even a store front, if you go with a small warehouse you can have a website where all of your business will come from or you can have a store front and receive customers from both your website and local customers as well.


Bizroutes review on medical supplies delivery businesses?

According to biospace the medical supplie industry can reach a whopping 189 billion, thats alot, and if you have a passion for helping people while making money then buying a medical supplies business for sale may be the right choice for you, depending on the business for sale you can see where you can add your expertise wheter its optimizing the website to adding more inventory as i said there is thousands and thousands of items you can offer for sale.



To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice. 

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