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Buying a Nemt business for sale?



Here's what you need to know!

When it comes to buying a business, you can’t go wrong with buying a NEMT business for sale, if you find any! The business provides non-emergency medical transportation to patients seeking transport from home to a doctor's appointment or physical therapy and other places as well.



What is a NEMT business?

NEMT stands for Non-emergency medical transportation, where patients seek help getting from point A to point B, this is where taxis can not assist because these patients need more help than just a simple ride.


What services does a NEMT provide?

When buying a NEMT  business for sale, the business will have many types of services depending on that business, but here are some of the services a NEMT business could provide:

  • Handicap airport pickups 

  • Wheelchair vans for transportation 

  • Scheduled Appointment pick-ups and drop-offs, can be to hospitals and even dentist appointments.

  • Daycare and nursing home pick-ups 

  • Hospital transfer



How profitable is a NEMT business?

If you are looking for a profitable business then consider buying a NEMT business for sale, nemt businesses charge by the mile, after reviewing about 10 companies here's the average pricing charged…

  • By the mile

Wheelchair round trip- First fee starts right off the bat with a loading fee, which can be from $50-$65 then they charge by the mile which starts at $2.50 and up


Nonwheel chair Passengers round trip-  Picking up a passenger that does not require a wheelchair,  those rates are a little less, they can start from $25-$30 and $2.50 and up per mile.


Other charges you can include: 

  • Additional riders ( like a care assistant, or family member) 

  • Waiting time

  • Stretchers 

  • Picking up equipment like oxygen from hospitals 



Is NEMT a good business? 

A non-emergency medical business is a great business, it is not your average route for sale, it requires a big team from someone answering calls, scheduling pickups, billing insurance companies, and customers that pay out of pocket to hire the right drivers, this a great business for someone looking to run it full time and not consider it as an absentee owner.


How much does a NEMT  van cost?

Once you acquired a non-medical emergency business and want to expand, you will need to purchase more NEMT  vehicles knowing how much each vehicle cost is important, here are some average prices…

  • 2019 minivan: $35-42k 

  • 2011 cargo van: $37- $45

  • 2020 sprinter: $65- $98 

All vehicles should come with the essentials to transport a patient safely and should pass a safety inspection test and be certified by a licensed technician.



What do NEMT  drivers need?

Once you become the owner of a NEMT business, you need to assure that all your drivers are licensed and any new drivers that come along pass all the points to work for you, some of the qualifications needed in a NEMT hiring process are…

  • Drivers license 

  • Class c driver's license with a P endorsement

  • High school diploma 

  • Driving license must be clean ( you don't want any reckless drivers) 

  • Friendly and patient people 

  • DOT physical 

These are some of many more you can apply to assure you hire the best of the best, you can always provide your driver's video training.


How much do NEMT  drivers make?

According to zip recruiter, the average NEMT driver can make up to $16 an hour or over $30,000 a year, once you find a NEMT route for sale, the business broker representing the seller will list all the expenses for you.



Bizroutes review on ambulette business for sale:

We always list our best routes to buy, but when it comes to buying a business, NEMT business for sale is a great pick, it's a multi-million dollar industry and the business is only growing, as more and more people will require assistance as they age.

The elderly require help and some family members just can't provide that due to distance, work, or maybe they just don't have the time but knowing they can make a simple call and an ambulette van will safely transport them and take them back home is worth paying for, when buying a business like this it is always good to hire a broker to help assist you thought out the sale.



To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice. 

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