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A little about OnTrac’s background, who they are, and what they do! Ontrac started in 1991 it was first called California overnight, but the parent company is express messenger systems inc. the parent company is about 60 years old, the company was focused in California then slowly started expanding to other states like Los Angeles and San Francisco, fast forward to 2022 they are now in nine states and recently merged with leadership… now let us discuss the business

What is an ontrac?


Ontrac offers a unique way of shipping and they save their consumers a lot of money, companies that ship smaller packages use ontrac for logistics, ontrac speeds up the on-ground part without having to pay the extra fees, and they are the largest regional parcel  carrier in us, helping small business get their orders out faster and cheaper, offering their customer next day shipping with ground rates.

Is ontrac a good delivery business? 


Ontrac doubled their production and saw a big increase in demand ever since covid, they started recruiting more employees and started looking for business partnerships with delivery businesses and even people looking to start their own delivery business. Their service areas reach over 60 million consumers, they are celebrating their 20th anniversary, business is booking and this may be a good time to join.

Does ontrac sell routes? 


They are no ontrac routes for sale, ontrac doesn’t sell individual routes, its kind of Similar to amazons business model, but the good news is ontrac offers a more affordable way to become a partner, you can join their program and they will assist in started your own delivery business, there are a few applications to join

Do I need a parcel company to join ontrac? 


If you already own a logistics business then that’s a plus, and are located in the states where they serve you should sign up for their program and add more income to your business.

Can I buy a delivery business and still join ontrac? 


If you are looking to buy a delivery business for sales like an amazon route or box truck business and looking for more ways to expand your business, ontrac welcomes already established businesses and individuals looking to start from the ground up.

Bizroutes review on ontrac


Overall ontrac is a business that offers next-day delivery for ground rate pricing, that’s a huge help for small businesses that want to ship smaller packages, they can save more money, if are running a delivery business or were looking to buy ontrac routes for sale you have more options now if you are located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah Colorado, California or Arizona you should reach out to ontrac to get started…

  • Option 1

Buy an established delivery route that is already making money and join ontrac for additional business


  • Option 2 

 Start from the ground up, ontrac welcomes new people looking to start a delivery business and they can guide them step by step all it takes is a simple form to get started


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