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Interested in buying pool routes for sale?

The pool business is thriving, and the demand for pool routes for sale is increasing. However, as accommodating as the pool business seems, investing in a pool route only becomes profitable if you tread the right way.

Like every other service business, pool business has its guidelines and standards to help new entrepreneurs gain traction in the industry.

If you are starting a new pool business or considering investing in a pool route, we have some great tips to help you take your business off the ground and land it on the profitable side.


To Buy a Pool Route or Start One Organically?

When buying A pool route for sale they typically come with a bunch of commercial or residential pools that you, like a pool service company, are responsible for cleaning and maintaining. Each pool that comes within your route is called an account, and you provide services for it and charge accordingly.

The biggest question many new entrepreneurs encounter is whether they should buy a pool route or build one? The answer to this is, that it depends.

Buying a pool business is an easy and short way to step into the pool services industry. But like all other businesses, it requires investment in terms of money.

Building a pool business from scratch also requires investment, more in terms of time and a little less in terms of money.

If you want to find the middle ground between buying a pool route and building one, read on through the tips. We have an insightful suggestion on how you can reap the benefits of purchasing a pool route. And then save money growing it yourself.


Tips to Build Your Pool Route Business

Once you have acquired a pool route or have decided that you will get one, you need to grow your business to generate a return on investment.  

Here are some tips to help you launch a successful pool business:


Do Your Research

When it comes to buying pool routes for sale, you must perform solid background research of your accounts and gain as much information about the route as you can before going in with your money.

If you are buying a pool route, make sure the seller offers a warranty to protect you from financial damage. Many sellers offer a thirty to ninety days warranty through which you can get some of your money back if there is an issue on the client's end.

Moreover, you may also want to research a bit about the customers on a given route, and whether there is a potential for a healthy business relationship there. Because if an account does not like your services and decides to drop you, you will be liable for the loss, the warranty won't cover it.


Make Sure Your Accounts are Close By

If you want your pool route to yield maximum profit, you must ensure that all the accounts on that route are located nearby. If you have one account located 20 minutes drive away from another, you will be spending a good portion of your income on gas. And there will be little left to take home after maintenance, chemicals, insurance, and everything else.


Grow Organically

To grow organically is the tip we hinted at in the beginning. Once you have invested in a pool route, you may not buy more accounts to grow your business. Instead, you can expand it organically by leveraging your marketing skills.

After you have gained sufficient experience working on your pool route, you can use your skills and network with existing clients to acquire new customers.

It is an intelligent move to advertise your services and invest in customer acquisition instead of buying a new account. So each account you acquire in this way is a source of maximum profit for you.


Respect Your Experience. Value Your Time

Positive customer feedback is critical to the success of your business. And a sure-fire way to acquire good reviews from your customers is to serve them with your most polished skills.

Don't take up work that you have no idea about for the sake of revenue. Lest you end up messing it up, leading to a bad review that can potentially ruin the reputation you've worked so hard to build. If you are experienced in changing water filters but don't know how to service a pump, turn down a pump servicing job politely.

Secondly, be vigilant about exploiting clients and value your time. It is not uncommon for people to ask you to check and regulate the pool water's pH while you are there only to clean the leaves. Charge for all the additional services. You may offer a discount but don't waste your time doing things for free.


Good Work Ethics

Having polished work ethics is critical to the success of a pool routes business. Because you might be competing in a saturated market, and anyone with a lower skillset but better work ethic can replace you. So, you don't want to risk losing an account and investment.

Always be on time. If you have promised you'll be there at two in the afternoon, be there five minutes to two. Be honest about your skills and services and treat the problems of the clients as your own.

There is no shortcut to success, so patience is critical. Pool route business starts yielding noticeable profit after twelve to fifteen months. Be patient and don't try to cut corners when it comes to pool service.


Establish an Online Presence

Finally, make sure your potential clients can find you online. In today's world, the internet is the first thing people turn to when looking for a service.

Leverage internet marketing's potential to pop up for the searchers in your proximity when they search for pool services near them.

You can also use your online platform to showcase your previous clients' positive reviews, which will help you acquire new customers.



Investing in pool routes for sale may be a good business opportunity for you to cash in on the freedom of being your boss while also enjoying the profit. However, not everyone who enters this industry comes out successful.

The pool services business is thriving but competitive. You must launch your business only after proper research and work your way to the top smartly. Only then can you generate a good profit and enjoy other amenities of this business.

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