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Buying a potato chips routes, heres what you need to know.


A potato chip route for sale is a trade route that is owned by an independent distributor for the supply of potato chips to the local grocery shops or retail owners.

How much does a potato chip route make?

A chip route distributor works in a supply chain to ensure timely delivery of potato chips from the manufacturing companies to the accounts or local grocers and retail shops that are included in that trade route. This allows the distributors to earn a fairly good income from the commissions on each sale. You can earn up to 16-22% commission with the independent distribution of potato chips along a chip route.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to earn an impressive income without doing a lot of work. Most working hours are fairly flexible with few requirements. A potato chip distributor is in command of all the accounts present on the route within the distribution area which means that you can generate sales and increase revenues for both the company and yourself. Working with bigger, larger brands such as Herrs Chips and UTZ Chips or owning a Wise Chips Route can help you earn a considerably higher income than working with local chips manufacturers.

How to Purchase a Potato chip route for sale?

Investing in a potato chip trade route is a great way to earn good money if you know how to properly do it. Here is how you can purchase a potato chip route for sale.

1. Find a Route

The first thing to do is to find a route for sale that you are willing to purchase. Compare different routes to find what suits you the best. This means that you must consider your convenience, locality, transportation, and capital before investing in a chip route for sale. One way you can find a route for yourself is by browsing the website of the potato chips manufacturers or going to the sales office. The manufacturers usually offer multiple chip routes for sale. You can compare the prices and trade routes by conducting thorough market research and opt for one with better sales opportunities.

 2.  Secure your route

As a distributor, your job is to deliver the goods as well as find new partners or accounts for the manufacturing company. More accounts mean higher revenues which is why it is so important to have some on hand experience in the sales department. Manufacturers usually look for candidates with some prior sales knowledge and experience while processing the applications for a distributor job. Knowing your way around the sales can help you become the leading distributors and independent suppliers for a chip route in a particular area.

 3. Purchase a Route

Purchasing a chip route for sale can be a problem if you do not own enough capital for the investment. The chip routes are expensive and manufacturing companies such as Herrs chips or UTZ chips sell the routes at 2 to 4 times their net value which means that you probably need around $200,000 to $400,000 to buy a potato chip route. Try considering a business loan if you do not own that kind of money initially.

Although the prices are a bit higher, the chip route can help you earn great revenues with potentially higher returns on your investment. Once a route is purchased, you have very little expenses to take care of such as your transportation maintenance and fuel costs.


We believe that investing in a Potato chip route for sale such as the Wise chips route is an excellent way to earn a handsome income. It presents an incredible revenue-generating opportunity with potentially higher scope in the future which is why more and more people are investing in chip routes as supply chain distributors.

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