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How to build a business out of waste removal..recycling business for sale?




What is a recycling business for sale? 

When you think of recycling what is the first thought that comes to mind? Did you think waste? Garbage? Smell? Well after you finish this article when someone says the word recycling you might think of money! 

Starting or Buying a recycling business for sale can be a great idea, especially for young aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to have a career in saving the planet while making money at the same. With a considerably increasing surge in waste products over the last decade, there is an ever-growing need for proper waste collection, disposal, and treatment. 

By opening a company that deals with inadequate waste disposal and management, you can play an important contribution to the betterment of the environment and society while making a huge revenue at the same time. Waste management is one of the top revenue-generating fields with an annual income of US$ 10.4 trillion globally. This means that it is one of the most extensive fields with incredible potential and market scope which is why it is a great idea to establish a company that effectively deals in waste management. 

Although the industry has a lot of potential for growth and success, it still requires a considerable amount of time effort, and a fairly large investment to get started. There are things that you need to do before diving right in if you want to kickstart your career in this field. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully start a waste management business for you.




Exploring ways  to get our hands dirty and our pockets bigger 


Choosing the type of waste you want to work in an overwhelming, you can do so many from simple ones like scrap metal removal to dirtier jobs like cesspool management and they all make money!  So if that doesn't bother you here are 10 examples of  recycling  businesses you can buy or start: 


10 Types of waste management businesses you can buy


 1.  Biohazard waste management:

Process: Biohazard waste management is the process of safely and efficiently managing biohazardous materials. This service is often used by hospitals, research labs, and other institutions that generate hazardous biological waste.


 2. Used motor oil removal: 

Process: disposing tanks that contain used motor oil, you will typically find used motor oil in places like auto shops, oil changes, and even places like Autozone


 3. Grease trap cleaning business: 


Process: The business of removing the grease from grease traps is as easy as it sounds, restaurants will contact you once a month or once a week to empty the traps... doing this once a month is important and the reason helps assure the pipes won't get clog or backed up from clog build-up made from grease.


 4. junk removal:

Process: You may not think about it daily, but your home or office is probably full of junk. Whether it's old clothes, broken electronics, or unused furniture, all that stuff has to go somewhere. That's where junk removal comes in. they call you to haul 


 5. Food waste removal:

Process: Food waste removal is a process that collects food scraps from restaurants and homes and converts them into energy or compost. This process helps reduce the amount of food that goes to landfills, which not only benefits the environment but also, your customers can be supermarkets, butcher shops, and some restaurants.


 6.  E-waste removal:

Process: E-waste removal is a process of recycling or disposing of electronic devices and components that are no longer needed or wanted. This includes everything from computers and phones to tablets and TVs. E-waste removal is important because it helps to keep these devices out of landfills where they can release harmful chemicals into the environment. Additionally, recycling e-waste can help recover valuable materials that can be used to create new products. If you have any old electronics that you no longer need, make sure to recycle them properly through an e-waste removal program. You can find customers by enrolling in state programs and building a website.


7. Plastic and can recycling: 

Process: In today's world, it's important to be environmentally conscious. One way to do this is by recycling plastic and cans. But what do you do with all those empty bottles and cans? That's where can and plastic recycling machines come in! Can and plastic recycling machines are a convenient way to recycle  Plus, they help reduce waste in landfills. You can place these machines in places like gas stations, supermarkets, and even storefronts upon owner approval of course!


9. Tire recycling:

Process: Process: What do you do with old tires? You could throw them away, but that’s not very environmentally friendly. You could also try to sell them, but there aren’t many buyers for used tires. One option is to recycle them. Recycling tires is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. You can find customers in tire shops and repair shops.


10. Trash removal:

Process: businesses are required to deal with a licensed waste hauler to handle their waste management, These businesses can be delis, restaurants and even offices they pay the trash company a fee based on the weight, and customers will empty the trash according to haulers’ schedule.


To learn more reasons why recycling plays a huge role in our world, this article here details good information! 





What are the Industries that Can Benefit from Your Recycling Services? 


After you pick the type of waste removal business you want to buy you will have a better idea of who your customers will be in the meantime here is saree some examples of these types of recycling businesses if you were to buy one of them and who they will serve.

Buying a Scrap metal removal for sale: 


As a scrap metal business owner, your duty is not to drive around all day looking for scrap…well that is a part of but it is more professional than that, you can make agreements with businesses for scrap removal from these industries below:


-Mechanic shops 

-Construction companies 

-Demolition site managers are a few examples


Buying a Used cooking oil business for sale:


Used cooking oil businesses are a simple yet greasy job…it requires the removal of used cooking from restaurants but not only restaurants here are a few more industries that require oil removal:


-Cruise lines


-Food preparation warehouses


Buying a junk removal business for sale: 


Junk comes in all shapes and sizes, this business is an expanding industry, and if done right it can be a rewarding industry many industries require a service from a junk removal business here are a few:


-Homeowners looking to remove junk 

-Businesses that need more room and looking to throw away unwanted material 

-Offices stuck with clutter 


What will come with a recycling business for sale?

The Benefit of buying an established recycling business for sale is the customers, believe it or not, someone's waste is another treasure! when I started my first recycling business which was used for cooking oil removal I thought everyone would just say yea sure take it…but it was brutal every customer was denying me until I got better at my sales pitch and then slowly grew my accounts to over 200 plus…when buying a waste removal business here is what will come with a sale: 


  • A list of accounts in agreements 

  • Accounts are scheduled in software to make the transition easier 

  • Truck or trucks 

  • Established brand 

  • Business number 

  • Business websites 

  • Reviews and ratings 

  • Business credit score 

  • Trained employees 


Deciding to Start a recycling  side hustle business:


Starting a business can be overwhelming when you hear waste management company you think machinery, large trucks refineries, etc. well this may not be the case, the most important factor when starting a waste management business is getting a full license and fully insured getting these and start your hustle you can even start in a cargo van, yes I said it, and as you grow you can start investing in bigger trucks I started my waste management business in a van before I purchased my first tanker truck and it was the best decision I made, I grew my business on my pace, didn’t have much overhead and made a great profit here are 3 waste management business you can start in a van!


3 simple recycling businesses you can start 


1. Junk removal: a decent size cargo can get the job done and if the load is more than can fit, hey you can also make a second trip! 


 2. Waste cooking oil removal: yea you might think you may need an $80,000 vacuum truck but guess what (2) 275 IBC totes and a motor trash pump will work fine too might not be fast but what's the rush! 


3. Pallet recycling: get a sprinter for this one a sprinter has a high ceiling I am not sure how many pallets can fit but I am pretty sure you can get about 40 at a time!

As I mention your goal is to do it right, get licensed get insured to build up some customers and when some money is coming in you can then switch up by getting nicer trucks and branding with a nice logo website, etc.



Conclusion: Starting or buying a recycling business for sale is a great way to kickstart a business whilst creating a positive impact on the environment. With the right approach, you can successfully establish a company in the field without much effort.





To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice.


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