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Louisiana is the 25th most populated state with a total population of 4.649 million. The GDP of this state is $226.8 billion. Major industries that contribute to its economy are petroleum, coal, chemical products, cotton etc. Tourism and Gaming are also very important elements in Louisiana’s economy. 

Why you should invest in a business in Louisiana?   

  1. Personal assets protection.
  2. It ranked no 6th on taxes to sale profit in business.
  3. The state encourages business development by providing tax flexibility. You can look for more here

If you want to be an independent contractor by finding a route for sale in Louisiana, then you must start by evaluating, what kind of route you want to own.  Customer’s need should be kept in mind. 

Some routes to checkout in Louisiana are:

  • Bread route 
  • Vending Machine business
  • Dry cleaner route
  • FedEx route
  • Truck route
  • Food delivery route
  • Pool cleaning route

          Some interesting facts about Louisiana:

The Sale’s Tax rate is between 4.45 to 11.45%. There are lots of other tax benefits in this state. One amazing thing about Louisiana is that it is the largest salt producer in the states. With more than 457,000 small businesses, it is indeed a business friendly state. 

These are some of the amazing facts which we see, you can check further here


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