What are Seasonal businesses and how to start one?




 Most people will pass up on a seasonal business for sale, I might too…but I started looking more and more into these types of businesses and seeing that they are becoming more and more demanding, but why? They only consist of a season. How will  I make more money with the remainder of the year? And that’s when it hit me,  seasonal businesses can generate a substantial amount of income in those months or even a month only.

Take for example New York City. Have you heard of Halloween spirits? This company has stores everywhere including in other states they are up for Halloween and then close the remaining of the year and let me tell you I believe they generate more in those months than some businesses can generate a year. So how many other businesses can someone start in these seasons? The answer is a lot...




Who should start or buy a seasonal business?


Buying or starting seasonal businesses is a great investment, but it's not for everyone, you will need to be passionate about the season if it's Christmas you will need that Christmas spirit to deal with customers, don't expect customers to buy from you if it's all business. So who should invest in a seasonal business? If you are one of the three below then you might be good for it!



1. Recently Retired If you just put in your papers and you are not ready to relax and enjoy your retirement then maybe buying or starting a seasonal business may be perfect for you 


 My Reason why: It will still give you time to enjoy your retirement once the season is over and you will make some money doing something both you and your customers will enjoy! 


2. Micromanaging an existing business: If you are an owner of a business already and that business is fully set up where all you do is manage it from home or the office then you may want to get into seasonal businesses.


My reason why: Season businesses can be hectic because there is so much to do in so little time but if you already have a business that's generating income without having to be there then buying a seasonal business can generate extra income, without the hassle of running a full-year operation.


 4. Stay-at-home moms or dads: When it comes to holidays, Stay at homes are more organized and take on the hard work when it comes to making the perfect holiday, Being a stay-at-home parent usually comes with advantages and disadvantages, But the one advantage is the ability to start a business, a seasonal business! 


My reason why: Bring your ideas and designs to the world, or friends, family, and neighbors will also do. The time you have at home can become a seasonal business where you can pitch items, make calls and send emails. Sooner or later you have a small home-based business that can grow into something bigger. 




What are some types of seasonal businesses?


A seasonal business can be started as a hobby, you had an idea you went for it and it worked, it's a niche but can be a cash cow if you do it the right way. How to pick the right seasonal business? Here are 5 of my favorite seasonal businesses to start or buy!


1. Pool cleaning routes


Do individuals swim outdoors in the winter? Probably not! This is why it's the number one pick, pool cleaning is a great summertime business. Getting a handful of these customers can earn you a decent amount over the summer!

Season: Spring into summer 

The job required: Cleaning once a week or twice a month 

Average charge: 150$ per cleaning depending on size and time spent.



2. Christmas decorations installation


This is the season to make …. Money! Did you know the average family spends anywhere from $1000 to $2000 just on Christmas? Decorating someone's home or business is more demanding now than ever. We are living in a fast-paced world and if you offer to decorate a home for the Christmas holiday it can be a great money maker. You can rent them the lights or you can just offer the service of installing lights for them. 


Season: Christmas 

The job required: Decorating Christmas lights around the property 

Average charge: Depending  on the size of the property you can charge $200 and up



3. Catering business 


Catering is an all-year-round business, I know... I know but you know and I know without any research conducted catering business sales can spike in season! Whether you are gonna bake apple pies or prepare a whole turkey, You can advertise your food to friends and family you're likely to get some business. Everyone can use a hand when it comes to helping with food, especially good food!

Season: Year round 

The job required: Food preparing 

Average charge: Prices vary 




4. Landscaping business 


 Landscaping isn't just done when the weather is nice only, people still want their lawns looking nice yearly, but landscaping sales boost when the weather is nicer, Customers want the flowers blooming, grass trimmed and branches removed, this is a great start-up and side hustle for all.

Season: Fall, spring, and summer 

The job required:  Landscaping maintenance 

Average charge: Prices can be set or changed by the hour typically $75 an hour and up.




5. Photographer

When it comes to seasons we love photographs for memories, but not your regular picture from your iPhone. Photographers are specialized in taking stunning images and every detail will matter when it comes to a  perfect family holiday photo, from the settings to the lights. If you have a talent for photography you should offer your services for the holidays 


Seasons: Year-round business


The job required: Eye-catching photography 

Average charge: Depending on your experience you can charge $100 to $275 or by the hour 







Conclusion: So we went over why you may want to reconsider looking into buying a seasonal business for sale, even tho some might only last a season but the money you may generate will last a little longer. For example, if you were able to install decorations just for 25 homes in a month at $250 a customer that's over six thousand that you made without having to leave your main hustle! 




To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice. 







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