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Asking Price $79,900


This business, listed by Routesforsale.net, presents a lucrative opportunity. With yearly sales reaching $197,062 and a cash flow of $33,692, it offers financial stability. Financing options are not available, but with a substantial customer base of 111 accounts, steady revenue is ensured. The sale includes a 2007 Isuzu NPR truck with 110,000 miles, facilitating operations. Established for 10 years, this business has built a strong foundation. It specializes in selling various products such as Stone Creek Nuts, Stone Creek Candy, Lee Cracklins, Southern Recipe Pork Rinds, Kettle Corn, and Trushwood Farm Beef Sticks. However, the owner's relocation prompts the sale of this venture. For further inquiries or to learn more about this opportunity, click the link above.

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