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How spray foam insulation become a hot concept, and why you should buy this business!




What is a spray foam insulation business?


Going back in time..well not too long ago…ok just last year, I remember renovating my house and we had to break down the walls to apply to sheets and we needed to buy insulation foams to cover in between walls, we had to rent a box to transport those insulations rolls, fast forward a couple a months after my renovation was complete, I went to visit an old friend at his refinery and seen a box with men covered up from head to toe with hose and 55 gallons drums inside the trucks pumping out spray foam!! He was covering up his tanks to keep them warm in the winter, I was shocked.

I started researching this new concept, and how to start one or even buy a spray foam insulation business for sale, but there was very little info, only companies that we're offering this service, but I was able to get some info to share with my readers. Let’s dive in…





Besides a box truck, you will need to set up a system in your truck, this will allow you to push the foam out of the drum into the designated area.

This system is pretty expensive, these generators can run up $30,000 and up, you also need the hoses, a couple of transfer pumps an air compressor, a dryer, and a spray gun, they might be a few other items but these are the basics.


  1. licensing: You may need to be certified and approved, each state varies. A contractor license may also be can find out by contacting your state officials for more info.
  2. Box truck: This may be another investment that will cost a lot, the size of the box truck is important, you need to make sure the equipment will fit. Sometimes it may be better to find a spray foam business insulation business for sale.
  3. Insurance: Getting business insurance is very important as you deal with homes and businesses.
  4. Workers comp: This job requires dangerous work, high-rise buildings, and chemicals involved.




How much do spray foam insulation businesses charge?

There is an open spray foam and closed cell spray foam, these can both be different prices, open spray is more affordable than closed cells

Open cells can be priced from .85 to $1.25 a board foot while closed cells are half that price. The business model is based on onboard footage.


How much work is required in spray foam insulation?


If you like work, the spray foam insulation business might be for you, of requires hard labor. when I say hard not lifting but long hours and steady work. You will need to spray wait to dry trim out bubbled-up areas so they can close up walls, wear hazmat suits, and go into areas that may be tight or up in higher areas like attics.



Who needs spray foam insulation installed?


Anyone from homeowners to newly developed houses or buildings, or businesses looking to keep things warm like tanks and whatnot, spray foam is an effective process that helps you save off your energy bill, it removes the old style rolls that get wet if there's a leak inside walls and causes molding, starting or buying a spray foam business for sale is a great opportunity, it's here to stay!



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