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used cooking oil collection business for sale



Where oil rules the world, countries around the world have started thinking outside the box, others may think of used cooking oil as another waste removal while others think of alternative fuels!

Like biodiesel, for example, what is biodiesel you ask, Biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils, yellow grease, waste cooking oils, or animal fats. Biodiesel is not only sustainable is great for our environment,

Now let's talk business...



Why consider buying a used cooking oil removal business?


With billions of gallons of cooking used in restaurants, hotels bars, and food chains they rely on companies to remove the used oil from the establishment which might be nasty to them and might be great for you. Remember the saying one man's trash is another man's treasure well this is it.



Best truck for used cooking oil removal?


Vacuum pump trucks



Who are the clients?


Hotels, restaurants, schools, fast food chains, clubs, diners, and any businesses that have fryers or cook



What is the nature of the work required?


Providing customers with drums so they can dispose of the waste oil inside. Once full they will contact you for pick up. You can remove the oil from the drum into the tank of the truck using a vacuum suction hose.



Can I find an  used cooking oil collection business for sale?




How to make money from used cooking oil?


Once the truck is full, you can sell that load off to the refinery, they usually pay based on a percentage of the load



How can I expand my waste cooking oil business?

You can find more customers, start a grease trap cleaning business, grease traps are placed under the sinks most of the time these traps keep the grease from going into our wastewater system and piping grease traps should be cleaned frequently to prevent a build up.

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