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Utz routes for sale | A possible owner-absentee business?



There are many reasons to buy a business, one can be to be your boss another can be to expand your existing business, or to be it as an owner absentee business, in this article we will explore who benefits the most from Buying  potato chips route for sale 


The Utz chips routes are snack distribution routes that distribute a range of Utz Good Quality food and its associate businesses' branded snacks. The business began manufacturing and retailing potato chips in the early 1920s. They are now one of the biggest independent privately held snack brands in the United States, with goods distributed throughout the country. Utz is a combination comprising a variety of other snack businesses, including Golden Flake, Zappy's, Bachman, and others, that offers a diverse range of products to meet the needs of various consumers.




A simple guide about UTZ route businesses: 


1. What are UTZ routes for sale?


Utz routes for sale is a snack distributor consisting of the popular Utz Chips brand products.




2. What products do UTZ routes sell?


Utz brands include snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, and potato chips. 




3. Where are UTZ Chips sold? 


Utz Chips are distributed to retail stores, groceries, supermarkets, chain stores such as Walmart and Target, and even wholesale clubs like BJ’s and Sam’s Club.




4. How much does an Utz route owner make? 


If your route is doing 7K a week in sales you can earn anywhere from $850-$1100 a week,  All UTZ routes for sale will come with their own weekly sales report which you can check out before you make your choice.




5. Can I buy it as an owner-absentee business?


Buying an Utz route business as an owner-absentee business may not be smart at first, but the best way to turn this route into an owner-absentee business is after buying it, to grow it to a point where your profit will be able to cover for the employee, diesel, and insurance for the vehicle and any leftover can be yours.




6. What type of truck comes with UTZ  routes? 


Depending on the seller of the Utz sales route, they may offer you a box truck to purchase separately or it may be included in the selling price.




7. How many days are required?


On average, Utz route distributors work 5 days a week, 10-12 hours daily, depending on traffic and interactions.





8. Do I need to hire an employee?


No need to hire an employee since an Utz sales route is usually a one-person job. 




9. What are the responsibilities of the route owner?


 distributing goods to client accounts within a specific area, as specified by each customer.




10. How does an Utz route work?


Orders from the warehouse are usually delivered by route distributors who go out in the early hours. This route distributor will make deliveries daily. Then, each day, he will return to the warehouse to load up the necessary goods for the next day's delivery.

Commission of goods delivered is taken off every week and amounts to approximately 20% of the payments to route owners. The customer base may not necessarily have to be found to supply goods. The route owner may seek to boost revenue by adding additional client accounts.




Conclusion: Benefits of buying  UTZ routes for sale


Buying Utz routes for sale is a great opportunity for a highly motivated individual. Utz Chip’s distributors have been expanding and delivering many well-known name-brand products such as potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, and much more. When you become an Utz distributor, you decide your income levels.  You get to be your boss when you buy a UTZ  sales route and rest assured that you will be working with one of America’s largest snack companies.



To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial, business broker, or tax expert if you require this advice. 


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