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In the market for a waste oil collection business for sale?


Then here’s what you need to know first


Waste motor oil removal can be from all types of oil such as hydraulic fluids, coolants, cuttings oil, and more. Typically from auto repair shops, with an estimated 350 million-plus gallons a year recycled. why not tap into this waste removal business? Buying a waste motor oil collection business or starting your route can be a lucrative business. Just put it this way one factor is it needs to get removed! Second, it's good for the environment as it is re-refined into the oil. Then processed into fuel, and becomes raw materials for the petroleum industry.


Did you know used motor oil could be reused again? Once cleaned and filtered it can be resold again



What are the day-to-day processes? 

Buying a used motor oil collection business may seem like a simple business right? You empty oil and on to the next stop…well yea pretty much but it can be a dirty business, but the role of a collector is to Manage customers via software routing, taking calls, getting new customers, removing waste oil from tanks, offloading waste oil from the truck, giving new customers tanks that approved by the dep. 



Where to find clients for waste oil collection? 

A long time ago there was a big demand for used motor oil and oil collectors will pay top dollars to take it away, now it became more different, as agencies got involved and started regulating now only certified haulers are allowed to remove it, which is a good thing for someone who is looking to buy a waste oil collection business for sale, this allows you to get bigger clients as you grow, unlicensed haulers can be fined big time and even face prison time for stealing waste oil, your customers can be anyone that services vehicles or business that allows people to dump used motor oil for free in there establishment, here are some example customers…

  • Repair shops
  • retail locations that take used motor oil
  •  gas stations that take used motor oil
  • Car washes that take used motor oil 


What are the requirements for a driver? 

States vary, CDL may be required, tank endorsement check with your local agency and possibly Haz-Mat in some states 


What type of trucks are required? 

Vacuum tanker truck


What do they do with used motor oil?

Used oil can be converted into fuel oils, lubricants, and raw materials for the petrochemical and refining industries. Additionally, recycled scrap metal can be found in used oil filters, which steel manufacturers can use as scrap feed.



What are other services waste oil companies provide?

The benefit of owning a waste oil business is there are much more services you can add, this is to help you increase sales here are just a few examples…

  • Pick up and deliver anti-freeze
  • Removal of used oil filters 
  • Waste water recovery 

All of these are recyclable which means green for the world and green for you…



Bizroutes review on buying a waste oil collection business for sale 

This business does not seem to be competitive there are a few big players that dominate the industry, and with billions of gallons used a year there is plenty of space to expand.

If you know people in the industry such as gas stations, motor oil change shops, or repair shops and you think you can add more customers  to the business you are buying then this may be the right business for you, also research the business you are looking at  Wisley and check the customer,s here are some tips 


  • Do customers have contracts?
  • Are the tanks that are used to dump used motor oil with the deal?
  • How long has each customer been with the existing owner?

If you want to learn more about recycling used motor works and its benefits of it please visit 


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