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Starting or buying a water vending machine business? 


With so many types of vending machine businesses, why choose a water vending machine? Bingo! Because it has a higher demand than high sugar beverages and they can be added in almost every establishment…with the owner’s approval of course, it is a greatest cash-only business and very easy to scale because it’s only one item, so that means less inventory to manage which gives you more time to focus on growing your business… let’s dive into this business concept! 


What is a water vending machine business?


Did you know that the average human needs to drink about 2 liters of water a day in order to stay healthy? Water is the most consumed beverage all over the world! If you are looking to start a business with little investment, then consider purchasing a water vending business for sale. It will bring you profits from the day you place your first machine in a medium-high-traffic area. A water vending machine is a self-serving station that dispenses purified water which goes through reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ozone, deionization, or carbon filtration. Once a customer enters a form of payment and chooses the amount needed,  the water vending machine will dispense the purified water straight into their containers. Thirsty for more information about the water vending business? Keep reading to see if you got what it takes to invest in this easy-to-maintain and reliable business…


What to watch for when buying a business


How does a water vending machine business work?


Water vending machines are an environmentally friendly option since they eliminate the use of plastic bottles. These machines are connected to a tap water line and use multiple filters to make sure the water comes out clean and pure. Then customers bring their own containers, pay for the amount they need and fill them up. If you decide to buy a water vending business for sale, then it would be your responsibility to make sure the machines are functioning properly so they do not cause any public health risks to the people in the community. They would require regular maintenance such as, changing the filters regularly and cleaning out the dispensers from any bacteria that may form at the spigot.  They must be maintained at least once a month and the last service date must be posted on your machines. 


Where are the best places to put water vending machine machines?


Knowing exactly where to place your water vending machines has to be the first rule of this business. What you must know is that you cannot place a water vending machine on someone else’s property without informing them beforehand. You would need to come to an agreement as to how much rent you will pay them for use of their property. There are so many viable locations you can place your machines that will guarantee you cash flow in the near future.


Click here to find tips on how to get vending machine locations 


Here are some potential ideas on areas you could consider placing a water vending machine:


  • Hospitals

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Gyms

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Schools and Colleges

  • Offices 

  • Distribution/Manufacturing facilities


Conclusion: Buying a Water vending machine business for sale may sound like a niche business and needs a specific customer, but that is not the case more and more offices and establishments are looking for healthier options



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