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Window cleaning business is a service-oriented business catering to both residential and commercial clients. It involves indoor and outdoor window cleaning both of homes and businesses alike. Starting a window cleaning business is relatively easier than other businesses as the cost of starting up is low, the work is easy to learn and it can be quite profitable.

Requirements of Window Cleaning Business

The equipment needed for a window cleaning service is highly dependent on the type of job. For ground floor glass windows, traditional equipment consisting mainly of cleaning solutions, buckets, squeegees, sponges, and scrapers may suffice.

For more commercial window cleaning especially skyscrapers and such, professional equipment is used. This includes water-fed extension poles, mobile elevated platforms, and abseils window cleaning. Additional training of the staff is required to operate such window cleaning equipment.

It is necessary to get legal and health insurance on starting a window cleaning service. On a smaller scale it might not be required but to become an established business you should register as a sole proprietorship or an LLC. Getting health insurance will improve your legal standing in front of the client and will also be beneficial in case of an accident at work since the job requires climbing and working at heights. It is also advisable to get liability insurance for your business.

How to Get Customers?

The best way of getting customers for the business is canvassing if you are just starting out where you go from door to door advertising your services. The other way is to invest in marketing for your business by engaging a professional to get your name out in the vicinity.

How to charge?

Charging for a window cleaning service again varies depending on the nature of the cleaning job. It can be charged per square feet, per windowpane or per number of windows. Usually, for high scale jobs cleaning office buildings, it is convenient to charge per square foot as charging per window can be inefficient and time taking.


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