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What are wise chips routes for sale?

Independent distributors distribute Wise Food Inc. products to certain regions in various states throughout the United States via the Wise chips route. The company had its start in Pennsylvania as a potato chip maker in the early 1920s. Individual route owners in an area handle customer accounts. Many different kinds of potato chips, including golden original, BBQ, kettle-cooked jalapeo, salted, and kettle-cooked reduced-fat, are available in this route.

How do they work?

Distribution routes are purchased by an independent distributor of Wise chips, either from the company itself or from other route owners looking to offload theirs. After that, the company gives the route owner the authority to serve customer accounts included in the designated route. To increase sales and profit margins, they provide the route owner the option to add new customer accounts to existing ones.

Does the route owner need to work 7days a week?

Days and hours needed to service a route are determined by the number of customers to be serviced each day and the daily route radius. The route owner is expected to pick up products from warehouses at the end of each delivery day and transport them to customer accounts the following day, starting in the early hours of the morning.

Are Wise Chips Routes for sale profitable?

The wise chips routes are highly profitable business to invest in since the risk to profit ratio is extremely low. It also includes flexible working hours and the opportunity to return home every day.

What is the required delivery vehicle type?

Any delivery vehicle will work, box type truck or cargo trailer…


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