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Summer business ideas that make money!!

As the title shows there are businesses that you can buy or start that can generate a whole lot of cash! A lot of businesses start a hustle in the summer, there are many reasons why one is more people are out and about! People on vacations, traveling the world and you can make some money from starting a summer business. If you have the time, energy, and a little money you will want to check out these 8 summer business ideas below…..

8 Summer Business Ideas You Can Try

Browse from these 8 summer  ideas and see if any of them can work for you this summer, start slow and work your way up

1. Summer Skill Camps

This idea is for someone who has a professional level skill like photography or painting. In the era of freelancing, skills are more important than ever, more and more people are trying to learn a skill. If you are good at a foreign language, it will also be a great thing to teach it in a summer camp.

Many young people are free during this period of the year and instead of wasting their time, they prefer to learn something new, something useful.


2. Ice Cream Truck

If you are in the market looking for an owner absentee business that you don't have to run, nothing matches the charm and nostalgia of an ice-cream truck roaming around in the town during summer. Not only do ice-cream trucks give you access to more area, but it attracts a lot of people, too.

Investing a  small amount will get you the equipment needed for making ice cream on a commercial scale. If you own a truck, that’s great but if you don’t, that shouldn’t be a problem since you can rent one at a cheap price.

3. Fruit Juice Shop

Who doesn’t like a nice glass of chilled fresh juice during summer? It is a profitable, easy to manage, and fun business. You won’t need any equipment except some very basic ones. Plus, the number of fruits available during this time of the year will give you a good variety of juices to sell.

4. Nursery

This is another really good option for summer business. You only need beginner-level gardening skills to manage it. You can buy plants from wholesale nurseries and sell them in your locality. If you have a small place in your backyard, well that’s all you will need for this business. You can sell some home gardening tools in your nursery, as well.

5. Tour Organizer

Tour organizing business is for those who love traveling and exploring new places. This summer, visit the places you have always wanted to and make some money while doing it.

It requires sharp problem handling and finance management skills and you might need a small team of two to three people.

6. Ice Delivery

Ice is used everywhere during the hot months of summer. The amount of ice used in restaurants and juice shops is neither economical nor easy for them to make on their own. So, they buy their ice from commercial ice makers.

You can offer ice delivery service to the local restaurants, cafes, and juice shops in your neighborhood. With time you can even expand the area of your delivery. This is a substantial business idea to make money during summer.

7. Gift Baskets

It is an old concept but has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent times. If you are someone who has got a creative bone and likes crafting, this is the perfect way for you to go. You can make money out of your hobby.

The expenditures spent on a normal gift basket is far less than the price they are sold for. You can market this business on social media and get orders online.

8. Event Organizer

During summer break a lot of events, from weddings to teen parties, are happening around. But not everyone has got the talent for organizing an event, for some, it’s even frustrating.

You can profit from this opportunity by offering your event organizing services. This can include both, pre-event preparation and management throughout the event.

Here ends the list of some new ideas for those who are bored of cliched and traditional jobs like babysitting and pet caretaking. A lack of resources should not hold you back, pick up an idea according to your taste and set up your own small summer business this year.


 Conclusion: we shared just 8 there are still a lot more summer business ideas out there, a summer business sounds like a short period but you can run some of these year-long if you wanted to…some not all.








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