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Buyers guide: How to pick the best owner absentee business for sale


It's one thing to acquire a business for active involvement, and it's quite another to purchase a business primarily for generating passive income. Owner-absentee businesses offer numerous advantages, not only for individuals seeking to add to their income without extensive hands-on involvement but also for those interested in tapping into the potential for future growth. When you buy an owner-absentee business for sale to run it yourself, the growth potential increases significantly, as you, as the new owner, are directly involved instead of relying on managers to oversee its operations, In this guide, we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an owner-absentee business for sale, provide a comprehensive list of over 100 owner-absentee business ideas available on our platform, and offer guidance on selecting the most suitable owner-absentee business. However, before delving into these topics, let's first define what constitutes an owner-absentee business.


What is an owner absentee business for sale?


A few months ago, I published an article on the best owner-absentee business ideas to start. However, in this article, I'd like to take a different approach and focus on the advantages of purchasing an owner-absentee business for sale. This brings us to the fundamental question: What exactly is an owner-absentee business?


An owner-absentee business is a type of enterprise where the owner plays a minimal or non-essential role in its day-to-day operations. In such businesses, the owner typically delegates the management and decision-making responsibilities to hired employees or managers, allowing them to operate the business without requiring the owner's constant presence or active involvement. The owner's primary focus is often on strategic planning, financial oversight, and long-term growth, while the day-to-day tasks and decision-making are handled by others.


For instance, let's consider you want to buy a  junk removal business for sale as an example of an owner-absentee business. In such a business, the owner may set up the company, establish operational procedures, and hire a team of workers to handle the actual junk removal tasks. Once the business is operational, the owner's involvement can be minimal, as the employees can perform the daily activities of collecting, hauling, and disposing of junk without requiring constant supervision. The owner can focus on managing the business from a higher level, such as handling finances, marketing, and overall strategic planning, making it a prime example of an owner-absentee business.


What are the pros and cons when buying a absentee business for sale?


Okay, now that we're making progress, before I start presenting some owner-absentee businesses for sale that you can consider buying, let's dissect the juicy part—the pros and cons that come with buying an owner-absentee business. It might sound like an attractive opportunity, but it's crucial to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to be considered, especially since you won't be hands-on in its day-to-day operations if your goal is to increase your income. So, let's begin by exploring the benefits, or the pros, of purchasing an owner-absentee business.


Pros of Buying an Owner-Absentee Business for Sale:


Passive Income Bliss: One of the most exciting perks is the potential for passive income. Imagine making money while you're not glued to the business, leaving you free to enjoy life or explore other income opportunities.


Flexible Time Management: You get to call the shots on how you spend your time. More freedom to chase personal passions, spend quality time with loved ones or delve into new projects.


Experienced Team in Place: Many owner-absentee businesses come with a seasoned team already handling the daily grind. This means less worry about micromanaging and more trust in an established crew.


Room to Grow: When you're not tied down by daily tasks, you can dream big and focus on scaling up. Your time and energy can be invested in strategies to expand the business and, ultimately, your profits.


Lower Stress Levels: With less direct involvement in daily operations, you can often enjoy a more stress-free experience compared to running a business single-handedly. A healthier work-life balance may be in the cards.



Cons of Buying an Owner-Absentee Business for Sale:


Hands-Off Means Less Control: The trade-off for freedom is a diminished level of control over day-to-day operations. If you're someone who thrives on micromanagement, this might not be your ideal setup.


Risk of Delegation: Relying on a management team or employees can be a double-edged sword. If they don't meet your expectations, it could spell trouble. Effective systems and communication are crucial.


Initial Financial Commitment: Acquiring an owner-absentee business often requires a hefty initial investment. It can be a barrier for those with limited financial resources.


Finding the Right Fit Takes Effort: Identifying a profitable owner-absentee business isn't always a walk in the park. It may take time and research to discover the perfect opportunity.


Market Uncertainties: Like any business, owner-absentee ventures aren't immune to market fluctuations. Economic ups and downs or shifts in consumer behavior can impact your business's performance.


In the world of buying owner-absentee businesses, the advantages are sweet, but the challenges are real. Weighing these pros and cons helps you determine whether this path aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle preferences.




Who should consider buying an absentee business for sale? 


For those who previously associated owner absentee businesses primarily with passive income, it's time to broaden your perspective. Various types of investors and opportunities can make owning an absentee business a wise choice. Let's explore the diverse motivations behind pursuing an owner-absentee business for sale.


If you're on the lookout for a scalable business for sale, consider this: acquiring a business currently run by its owner. Here's why:


While a business operated by dedicated employees and managers can still thrive, there's a unique commitment and drive that comes from an owner who's personally invested in the venture. When you buy an owner absentee business, you have the potential to unlock numerous avenues for expansion, introduce new services, revamp marketing efforts, and ultimately either enhance its value for resale or generate increased sales and profits.


So, which type of investor are you? Are you looking for passive income, aiming for portfolio diversification, seeking a side hustle while maintaining a stable job, exploring growth opportunities, or considering the leap from an employee to a business owner? Your unique goals and circumstances can determine the perfect fit for your journey in the world of owner absentee businesses.


1. Investors: Investors are primarily interested in the potential for a return on their investment. They often lack the time or desire to be actively involved in day-to-day operations, making owner absentee businesses appealing for their passive income potential.



2. Retirees: Retired individuals seek opportunities to generate additional income without working full-time. Owner-absentee businesses can provide a source of passive income while allowing retirees to enjoy their newfound free time.



3. Entrepreneurs with Multiple Ventures: Entrepreneurs running one or more businesses may consider owner-absentee businesses as a way to diversify their income streams. They can allocate resources to hire managers to oversee the absentee business while focusing on their other ventures.



4. Remote Workers or Digital Nomads: Individuals who work remotely or have a location-independent job may be interested in owning an absentee business in a different geographic location. They can rely on local staff or managers to handle day-to-day operations.



5. Passive Income Seekers: Some people are looking for passive income opportunities to supplement their existing income or transition into a more flexible lifestyle. Owning an absentee business can provide ongoing cash flow with minimal hands-on involvement.



6. Expansion Enthusiasts: Those interested in expanding a business might consider owner-absentee businesses for their growth potential. With established systems, processes, and customer bases, absentee businesses offer a strong foundation for expansion and the opportunity to scale operations.


7. People with Stable Jobs and Pensions: Individuals with secure, full-time employment and pension plans may seek owner absentee businesses as a side hustle to supplement their income. They often have financial stability from their job and pensions but are interested in diversifying their income sources, pursuing entrepreneurial interests, and potentially building a safety net for the future. Owner-absentee businesses for sale can offer a way to generate additional income without requiring them to leave their existing job or pension plans.


8. Current Employees of the Business: Employees who have worked in the business for a considerable amount of time may consider buying the owner’s absentee business. They are already familiar with the operations, customers, and industry, which can provide them with a competitive advantage. By purchasing the business, they can transition from being an employee to an owner, potentially increasing their income and having a more significant stake in the business's success. This can be an attractive option for employees who have a deep understanding of the business and its potential.


100 owner-absentee businesses to consider buying


In this section, we'll explore 100 owner-absentee business ideas across various categories, including service-based, delivery, distribution, and more. Afterward, feel free to visit the homepage to search for owner-absentee businesses available in your area.





 20 service-based owner absentee business ideas to buy

Here are 20 service-based owner absentee business ideas to buy, each with unique characteristics that make them an excellent choice for prospective absentee owners:


1. Pool Maintenance and Cleaning:

Great Pick: Seasonal demand with recurring maintenance contracts, and the ability to hire experienced pool technicians to handle day-to-day operations.


2. Pest Control Services:

Great Pick: Ongoing need for pest prevention and extermination services, and trained technicians can manage routine service calls.


3. Home Renovation and Remodeling:

Great Pick: Oversee home improvement projects with contracted skilled workers, allowing for scalability without direct involvement in labor-intensive tasks.


4. Personal Styling and Image Consulting:

Great Pick: Help individuals enhance their personal style and image through consultation and styling services, which can be managed by a team of stylists.


5. Language School or Tutoring Center:

Great Pick: Offer language lessons or tutoring services for students of all ages with part-time instructors, and scale the business as demand grows.


6. Computer Repair and IT Services:

Great Pick: Fix and maintain computers and provide IT support with a team of technicians, offering remote or on-site services to clients.


7. Photography and Videography Studio:

Great Pick: Capture special moments for clients, from weddings to corporate events, by hiring a team of photographers and videographers.


8. Carpet Cleaning and Restoration:

Great Pick: Revive carpets in homes and commercial spaces with a team of skilled cleaners, and schedule regular maintenance appointments.


9. House Sitting and Property Watch Services:

Great Pick: Keep an eye on vacant properties for homeowners and real estate investors with a team of reliable caretakers.


10. Interior Design and Decorating:

Great Pick: Help clients create appealing living spaces with a design team that can handle client projects.


11. Mobile Notary and Document Signing Services:

Great Pick: Notarize documents for individuals and businesses with a mobile notary network, allowing for flexible scheduling.


12. Financial Planning and Investment Advising:

Great Pick: Offer financial guidance and investment strategies, supported by certified financial planners and investment advisors.


13. Elderly Companion and Home Care Services:

Great Pick: Assist seniors with companionship and basic care needs through a team of caregivers and nurses.


14. Organizing and Decluttering Services:

Great Pick: Help clients streamline their spaces and reduce clutter with a team of professional organizers.


15. Catering and Event Food Services:

Great Pick: Provide food for various events, from weddings to corporate meetings, by managing a kitchen and catering team.


16. Property Inspection and Appraisal Services:

Great Pick: Inspect properties for buyers, sellers, and insurance purposes with a network of qualified inspectors.


17. Custom Clothing and Tailoring:

Great Pick: Create customized clothing and offer tailoring services with skilled tailors and designers.


18. Art and Craft Workshops:

Great Pick: Teach arts and crafts skills to individuals and groups with a team of instructors, offering diverse classes.


19. Travel Agency:

Great Pick: Assist clients in planning and booking their travel experiences, working with a network of travel agents and partners worldwide.


20. Wedding Planning and Coordination:

Great Pick: Help couples organize and execute their dream weddings with a team of wedding planners and coordinators, allowing for multiple events to be managed simultaneously.


These businesses can be great absentee ownership choices because they offer the opportunity to delegate day-to-day operations to skilled employees or contractors, providing the owner with the flexibility to focus on business development, growth, and oversight.




20 delivery-based owner absentee business ideas to buy


A delivery business is an excellent choice for owner absentee ownership. With automated operations and an efficient team, including drivers and logistics experts, day-to-day tasks run smoothly without the owner's direct involvement. Established routes and customer relationships provide stability, enabling passive income. The business's scalability allows for expansion and is manageable remotely. The constant demand for delivery services and efficient logistics ensures steady revenue. Remote monitoring and strategic growth opportunities make delivery businesses a smart choice for absentee ownership. Here are 20 delivery-based owner absentee business ideas to buy, each with unique characteristics that make them an excellent choice for prospective absentee owners:


21. Box Truck Routes for Sale: Box truck routes can be managed with a dedicated driver, allowing the owner to focus on strategic planning and expansion.


22. Medical Supplies Business for Sale: The demand for medical supplies is consistent, and with the right team in place, you can monitor the business remotely.


23. Home Heating Oil Business for Sale: Seasonal but stable, this business can be run efficiently with remote monitoring and scheduling.


24. Helium Balloon Business for Sale: Balloons are in demand for various events, and with a reliable staff, you can oversee the operations from afar.


25. Concrete Delivery Business for Sale: The construction industry always requires concrete, and experienced staff can handle daily operations.


26. Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Business for Sale: An essential service with the potential for expansion, and drivers can take care of daily deliveries.


27. Propane Delivery Business for Sale: Propane is a necessity for many households, and automation can ensure smooth operations.


28. Pet Food Delivery Business for Sale: Pet owners continually need supplies, and automated processes can manage inventory and deliveries.


29. Coffee Food Truck Routes for Sale: Coffee trucks can be managed remotely by scheduling routes and monitoring inventory.


30. Safety Product Business for Sale: Safety products have a steady demand, and online sales can be managed remotely.


31. Grocery Distribution Business for Sale: With a well-established team and automated systems, grocery distribution can be effectively managed from a distance.


32. Party Rental Business for Sale: Once set up, party rental businesses require minimal daily oversight, with customer inquiries handled remotely.


33. Furniture Delivery Business: A dedicated team can handle furniture deliveries, while you focus on scaling the business.


34. Moving Company: Experienced movers and managers can run the daily operations, while you monitor and strategize.


35. Auto Parts Delivery Business for Sale: Efficiently managed with a reliable driver and automated inventory systems.


36. Fresh Organic Produce Delivery Service for Sale: Establishing a service that delivers fresh, organic produce to health-conscious consumers can be a lucrative venture. A dedicated team can handle sourcing, packing, and delivering the produce, while you oversee the business and marketing strategies from a distance.


37. Meal Kit Delivery Business for Sale: With the growing demand for convenient meal options, a meal kit delivery service can be managed remotely with a dedicated team to handle recipe planning, packaging, and deliveries.


38. Artisanal Pizza Delivery Business for Sale: Specializing in high-quality, unique pizza offerings can create a niche in the market. A reliable team can manage day-to-day operations while you oversee the business.


39. Fresh Flower Subscription Box Service for Sale: Offering fresh flower subscription boxes can be a profitable venture with proper planning. A team can handle flower arrangements and timely deliveries, while you focus on marketing and growth strategies.


40. Bicycle Delivery Service for Sale: A green and eco-friendly alternative to traditional delivery services. Experienced cyclists and dispatchers can manage deliveries, while you monitor the business remotely.


These delivery-based businesses can be excellent owner-absentee options due to their potential for scalability and the ability to delegate day-to-day logistics operations to a team of experts. Effective management systems and technology can ensure smooth logistics processes while allowing the owner to focus on strategic growth and oversight.




20 Distribution-based owner absentee business ideas to buy

A distribution business is a great choice for owner absentee ownership due to its predictable and efficient operations. Routine tasks like order fulfillment, inventory management, and delivery can be automated and delegated. With a reliable team in place, established routes, and scalable potential, these businesses provide stability and passive income opportunities. Consistent demand, efficient logistics, and quality control ensure smooth operations. Owners can monitor remotely, allowing them to focus on strategic growth while enjoying a steady income stream, Here are 20 distribution-based owner absentee businesses  ideas to buy, each with unique characteristics that make them an excellent choice for prospective absentee owners:


41. Egg Distribution Business: Eggs have a consistent demand, and with reliable drivers and automated ordering systems, you can manage the business remotely, ensuring timely deliveries to clients, this owner absentee business for sale will make a great pick! 


42. Milk Routes: Milk delivery is a staple service. With a dedicated team and efficient route planning, the operations can run smoothly without your daily presence.


43. Ice Distribution Business for Sale: Ice is a necessity for various businesses. Automation can handle inventory management and distribution, while you focus on growth and customer relationships.


44. Coffee Routes for Sale: Coffee is a popular beverage, and well-structured routes can be managed with minimal oversight, ensuring timely deliveries to customers.


45. Provision Routes for Sale: With a reliable team handling inventory, orders, and deliveries, you can oversee this business absentee, focusing on strategy and expansion.


46. Ice Cream Distribution Business for Sale: Seasonal or year-round, this business can be efficiently managed with an experienced team in place.


47. Snack Routes for Sale: Snack distribution routes are often well-established, requiring minimal daily intervention once they are set up.


48. Food Distribution Business for Sale: Food distribution is a steady industry, and with automated inventory systems and a competent team, you can monitor the business from a distance.


49. Seafood Distribution Business for Sale: Seafood is in demand, and a professional team can handle sourcing, quality control, and deliveries, allowing you to focus on growing the business.


50. Restaurant Equipment Business for Sale: With an established team of sales and service professionals, you can manage this business absentee, concentrating on expansion and customer relationships.


51. Organic Food Distribution Business for Sale: The organic food market is growing, and efficient operations can be run remotely with well-trained staff and automated systems.


52. Vitamin Company for Sale: Online sales and fulfillment centers can handle the day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on marketing and product development.


53. Wine Distribution Business for Sale: Wine distribution can be managed with a dedicated sales team and logistics experts while you oversee the business's growth and profitability.


54. Office Supplies Business for Sale: Office supplies are a consistent need, and online ordering systems can be managed remotely, with a reliable team handling logistics.


55. Grocery Distribution Business for Sale: With a well-structured team and automated processes, grocery distribution can be efficiently operated absentee.


56. Equipment Rental Business for Sale: Rental schedules, maintenance, and customer inquiries can be managed by a team, enabling you to focus on scaling the business.


57. Bread Distribution Routes: With established routes and experienced drivers, bread distribution can be managed remotely, ensuring timely deliveries to customers.


58. Potato Chips Routes for Sale: Automated inventory systems and delivery routes can be efficiently overseen, making it a suitable absentee business.


59. Soda Distribution Routes: Beverage distribution can be well-established and managed with a reliable team, leaving you to focus on strategy and expansion.


60. Wine Distribution Routes: With a team of experienced sales professionals, logistics experts, and automation, wine distribution routes can be an excellent absentee business.


For each of these businesses, ensure that you have a dependable team in place and consider automating processes where possible to guarantee smooth day-to-day operations while allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. Evaluate market demand, scalability, and growth potential when considering these businesses as potential owner-absentee investments.




20 vending machine-based owner absentee business ideas to buy


Here are 20 vending machine-based owner-absentee businesses ideas to buy, each with unique characteristics that make them an excellent choice for prospective absentee owners, Choosing an owner-absentee business for sale can be an excellent pick for several reasons. Here's why each of the businesses you've mentioned can be a great choice:


61. Reverse Vending Machine Business: These machines encourage recycling, and with automated sorting and collection, you can remotely monitor the operations while contributing to sustainability.


62. Honor Box Vending Route: Honor box vending relies on trust-based payments. With well-established routes, you can check on collections periodically while enjoying passive income.


63. Gumball Vending Machine Routes: Gumball machines require minimal maintenance, and routes can be maintained by a team, allowing you to focus on expanding the route.


64. Slot Machine Business: Slot machines can be profitable, and once they are placed and managed by technicians, you can concentrate on licensing, compliance, and revenue tracking.


65. Water Vending Machine: With regular maintenance and restocking schedules in place, water vending machines can be operated absentee, focusing on business growth and efficiency.


66. Cotton Candy Vending Machine: Automated machines can handle the cotton candy production and sales, while you monitor the inventory and performance remotely.


67. Medicine Vending Machine: Medicine vending machines are a convenient service. Automated inventory systems and servicing can be managed remotely, ensuring customer satisfaction.


68. Toy Vending Machine Routes: With a reliable team handling route maintenance and restocking, you can concentrate on expanding the toy vending machine routes.


69. ATM Routes: ATMs generate passive income through transaction fees. You can monitor transactions and perform maintenance remotely while the machines are operated by service providers.


70. Snack Vending Machine Routes: Automated restocking and sales tracking systems allow you to manage the snack vending machine routes absentee, focusing on optimization and expansion.


71. Bitcoin ATM Machine Routes: Bitcoin ATMs require periodic servicing and monitoring of transactions, but they can be operated remotely, offering a unique investment opportunity.


72. Coin-Operated Car Wash Business: Automated car wash stations can be managed with minimal oversight, ensuring that maintenance and supplies are handled by staff.


73. Slush Machine Rental Routes: With established routes and rental schedules, you can monitor the machines' performance and oversee business growth from afar.


74. Music Vending Machine Routes: Automated music vending machines can be monitored remotely while you focus on expanding your selection and customer base.


75. Coin Vacuum Machine Routes: Coin-operated vacuum machines require regular servicing and maintenance, which can be handled by a service team, allowing you to focus on growing your route.


76. Punching Bag Arcade Game Routes: These machines can be maintained by technicians, and with regular performance tracking, you can ensure that they continue to generate income remotely.


77. Photo Booth Rental Business: Photo booth rentals can be scheduled in advance and maintained by technicians, giving you the freedom to focus on marketing and expanding your business.


78. Coffee Vending Machine Routes: Coffee vending machines with automated systems can be managed remotely, concentrating on growing the route and improving product offerings.


79. Drink Vending Machine Business: With efficient restocking and sales tracking systems in place, you can manage the drink vending machine business absentee, focusing on strategic expansion.


80. Credit Card Processing Routes: Offering credit card processing services can be a lucrative venture, with remote monitoring of transactions and compliance while your partners handle the processing.


When considering an absentee business, be sure to evaluate the existing infrastructure, automation potential, and the quality of the team or service providers involved. Additionally, consider market demand and scalability to ensure your investment's long-term profitability.




20 waste management-based owner absentee business ideas  to buy


Now for the final section when Choosing an owner-absentee business for sale, Investing in an owner-absentee business in the waste management industry can be a sound and profitable idea for several reasons. Here's why and how you can run it as an absentee business: Here are 20 waste management owner-absentee business ideas to buy, each with unique characteristics that make them an excellent choice for prospective absentee owners, can be an excellent pick for several reasons. Here's why each of the businesses you've mentioned can be a great choice:


81. Waste Oil Collection Business: This business involves scheduled pickups and requires minimal day-to-day involvement. Trained technicians can handle the collection, while you focus on customer relations and business growth.


82. Garbage Business: Waste collection can be automated, and with a reliable team for route management and drivers, you can monitor the business remotely and expand services.


83. Grease Trap Cleaning Business: Grease trap cleaning can be scheduled in advance. Skilled technicians can handle the service, leaving you to oversee operations, customer relations, and expansion.


84. Scrap Metal Removal Business: The scrap metal industry can generate passive income. Efficient scrap collection and sales processes can be managed remotely.


85. Tire Recycling Business: Tire recycling can be highly automated, with minimal daily oversight. Focus on marketing and expanding the customer base while technicians handle recycling.


86. Electronic Recycling Business: Electronics recycling requires specialized knowledge, which a dedicated team can provide. You can oversee logistics and business growth from a distance.


87. Pallet Recycling Business: Pallet recycling involves regular pickups and deliveries. A reliable team can manage operations, while you concentrate on scaling the business.


88. Reverse Vending Machine Business: These machines promote recycling. Automated collection and maintenance systems can handle most tasks, allowing you to oversee operations.


89. Dump Truck Business: With experienced drivers and scheduled hauling, dump truck businesses can be managed remotely, focusing on fleet maintenance and growth.


90. Medical Waste Disposal Business: Medical waste disposal has strict regulations. Compliance can be handled by an experienced team, while you focus on acquiring healthcare clients.


91. Street Sweeper Business: Street sweeping can be automated with the right equipment. Skilled operators can manage daily operations, while you monitor performance and customer satisfaction.


92. Cesspool Business: Cesspool maintenance is scheduled, and skilled technicians can handle it, allowing you to oversee operations and expansion.


93. Roll-Off Business: Roll-off dumpster services can be operated with a reliable team handling deliveries and pickups, while you concentrate on logistics and growth.


94. Junk Car Removal Business: Automated pricing and scheduling systems can handle customer inquiries and vehicle pickup, allowing you to oversee the business absentee.


95. Used Cooking Oil Collection Business: Automated collection and recycling processes can be monitored remotely, while you focus on expanding the client base.


96. Junk Removal Business: Junk removal can be scheduled in advance. Experienced teams can handle the work, leaving you to focus on customer acquisition and marketing.


97. Meat Waste Removal Business: Meat waste collection can be automated, with trained technicians ensuring timely pickups, while you oversee customer relations.


98. Pet Waste Removal Business: Scheduled pet waste collection can be managed remotely, with staff ensuring cleanliness and client satisfaction.


99. Paper Shredding Business: With the right equipment and staff, paper shredding services can be run efficiently, with you overseeing logistics and growth strategies.


100. Auto Recycling Parts Business: This business can involve online sales and automated inventory management, allowing you to monitor operations while growing the customer base.


When considering an absentee business in the waste management industry, it's crucial to ensure that you have experienced and well-trained personnel, automated processes where possible, and efficient logistics systems in place. Evaluate market demand and scalability to maximize the long-term profitability of your investment.


In conclusion, we've explored the many facets of owner-absentee businesses for sale. We delved into the advantages and potential drawbacks, helping you make an informed decision. We've also considered who might be well-suited for such ventures.


With over 100 diverse ideas to choose from, there's a world of opportunities out there. While owner-absentee businesses can offer a path to financial independence and freedom, thorough research is key. It's vital to scrutinize the business's management, operations, and overall health before making your investment. By doing so, you can position yourself for success and enjoy the benefits of owning an owner-absentee business in the long run. Remember, diligence in your research is the first step towards a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.



Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The laws and regulations regarding business licenses may vary from state to state and are subject to change. It is important to contact your local state office to determine which licenses are required for any specific businesses. Additionally, please note that this article contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission from our affiliate partners or Amazon links. If you are considering starting a business, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified lawyer, business broker, or professional in your area. The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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