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Routes for sale in Washington:


Do you want to invest in a route business? Let’s discuss why routes for sale in Washington might be a good option for you:

Washington is the only state named after President, George Washington who also happens to be the first President of the United State of America.

This is 18th largest state by area and 13th most populated state with more than 7.8 million people. Washington Gross Domestic Product is more than $612,996,000,000 according to BEA data which represents 2.86% of US GDP which makes it the 10th largest state economy. 


Is Washington good for business?  

World’s leading corporation like Amazon, Starbuck and Microsoft were founded in Washington which makes this state a hub for business opportunities. Washington is also the leading apple producer of the states. Washington has strong economy and strong educated workforce. It has high ranking in quality of life and education. You can read more about Washington here

Having your own business and being your own boss, this is what everyone wants. This can be possible in a route business. Here are some route options:

  • FedEx routes 
  • Amazon delivery routes
  • Wholesale snack route 
  • Turnkey Tim's Cascade Snack Distribution Route 
  • Express Delivery service routes
  • ATM routes
  • Post net route
  • Bread route 
  • Cement business

Washington is a great place to start a business. You don’t have to file personal income tax returns. And the good thing is, that the first $43,000 revenue is tax free in Washington.


Some Interesting Facts about Washington:

The evergreen state is home to 11 Fortune 500 companies. More than 52% of the state consist of forest. It’s illegal to roam in public when you have cold. The state has no income tax. Sales tax rate is 6.5%. The evergreen state has 630,819 small businesses. It is considered as Tech powerhouse due to Microsoft. It has the best infrastructure and energy sector. 


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