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Routes for sale in Ohio:



If you have always dreamt of having your own business, here’s why routes for sale in Ohio, might be a good option for you: 

A place of origin for some of the world’s outstanding inventions like airplane, light bulb, and even Superman is Ohio, the 7th most populous state of America. Its economy is the 7th largest in the U.S with a GDP of more than $676.03 billion

Ohio’s economy is based on strong industries like banking, steel production, agriculture, auto mobile etc.




Benefits of owning a business in Ohio:


Ohio provides many tax benefits to the business owners. Also Local and state networks help small business owners understand the challenges they face in their business. Small businesses across Ohio are flourishing and that’s because it’s a business friendly state. This state is a good place for startups too. If you want to do business without starting it from scratch then buy an already established business for sale.


Some existing route options are:

  • FedEx and P&D routes
  • Bread route
  • Flowers bread route
  • Bon appetite pastry route
  • Vending machine business
  • Cement business
  • Pool cleaning business
  • ATM business
  • Ice cream routes


Facts about Ohio:


According to World report, it is the most affordable state to live. It has 37 different airports and its capital city Columbus is the top real estate market in the United States. Neil Armstrong, the first person who walked on the moon was from Ohio. With 27 fortune 500 companies, Ohio is most popular in terms of economy and business. Its sales tax rate is 5.75%. ‘The mother of Presidents’ state has very low income tax rate. You can visit to read more fascinating facts.



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