Routes for sale in Rhode Island:


Are you considering to start a small business in Rhode Island? Routes for sale in Rhode Island might be a good option for you:

Rhode Island, is the smallest state of America with a total population of 1.059 million. With the Gross Domestic Product of $61.884 Billion and per capita income of $21,688 Rhode Island represents 0.29% of US GDP. Rhode Island is an affordable place to live. Rhode Island’s economy heavily depends on its export of manufactured goods and industrial products adding $2.4 billion to its economy every year. Defense, shipbuilding, services and manufacturing are its main industries. Tourism and transportation majorly contributes to the state’s economy.

Advantages of doing a business in Rhode Island:

Small businesses are a great success here due to the benefits that Rhode Island offers. Like Few tax exemption, Limited liability protection, Loan and fund program for new businesses. Almost 98% of the businesses in this state are based on small businesses.

Some route options available for sale:

  • Flowers bread route
  • ATM machine business
  • Vending machine route
  • Chips delivery route
  • Pool cleaning route
  • FedEx route
  • Cement business

Interesting facts about the state of Rhode Island:

Being one of the smallest state of the U.S, The Ocean State was one of the last original colonies that become a state. It has one of the best business climate in the U.S. Sales Tax rate is 7% and corporate income tax rate is 7% too. Small businesses are largely contributing to its economy. There are more than 103,000 small businesses in the ocean state. It has a great infrastructure and transportation system. Its perfect locations give access to your business to metropolitan areas. For more information and facts about the Ocean state you can visit



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