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Are you finding routes for sale in Wisconsin? Let’s discuss how route business will benefit you:

Wisconsin is known as a dairy land state because it is a dairy capital of United States. It has a total population of 5.822 million. Wisconsin GDP is $349.416. Major industries in Wisconsin are health, manufacturing and agriculture. Tobacco food and beverages are the main manufactured items. Information technology, aerospace, energy, power have higher export growth rate.

Some route options to check out:

  • Brown berry bread route 
  • FedEx route 
  • ATM vending machine
  • Truck route
  • Pool cleaning route
  • Waste management business
  • Food delivery route

Advantages of having a business in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin is ranked as 18th best for growth prospects. There's no query that owning a business is a risky postulation. But with risk comes reward. You can get the following benefits by starting a business in Wisconsin: 

  • Wisconsin gives a variety of exception to start ups in specific industries which include logging, farming, construction and manufacturing of products. 
  • By registering your new company in Wisconsin enterprise zone, you will get many benefits including tax credits. 
  • You can get several advantages of credit programs if you register a new business in Wisconsin as corporation. 

Interesting facts about Wisconsin:

The Dairy state has 8 Fortune 500 companies. It is one of the best place for young entrepreneurs which is why it’s often called as an Innovation champion. Its railroads give businesses fast access from any location. It has wide transportation network and 9 major highways. Sales tax rate is 5% here. It is an affordable place to live. It has more than 3700 food and beverages companies. To learn more about Wisconsin visit


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