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Milk, does a body good... but what about your bank account? If you're considering starting or buying a milk delivery business, you're about to embark on a wild and creamy ride. With dairy being a staple in most households, the demand for milk delivery is consistently on the rise. But, before you grab your glass and start pouring, let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of starting or buying a milk route for sale but wait before we dip into that I highly recommend you register as a buyer, by doing so you'll get notified as soon as a milk route and other routes for sale listings become available for sale in your area.



Q1: Should you invest in a milk route for sale?


After India,  the United States is the world's second-largest cow milk producer with a value of 100 million metric tons in 2020. Did you know that milk is the official state beverage of 21 states? It is also considered to be a great post-workout recovery drink.

Milk is one of the most popular beverages consumed by people all over the world. The reasons are that it supports bone and heart health reduces the progression of osteoarthritis and is a very important source of essential nutrients. These nutrients are important for one’s health, especially for children. Some of the nutrients found in milk are calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and protein. 

Now besides these a-moo-sing facts, why should you buy a milk route for sale? Let’s explore if this is the right endeavor for you! 



Q2: What makes a milk route for sale a good business? 


The hard part is raising the cows and milking them. You get the fun part, filling up your truck and delivering to your customers. Becoming a Milk distributor for a milk plant is not only a great business to own, but it's also a simple business to operate. The process involves buying it wholesale and reselling it to your customers. The good news is once you start selling milk, you can also expand your business’s income with other dairy products, like a variety of cheeses, eggs, yogurts, and flavored milk beverages! Every business out there that sells groceries will sell milk, so obviously it is an in-demand product, especially once people hear a storm is coming! This means you won’t have any trouble finding businesses willing to sell your milk products making it a great route to buy.



distribution business for sale



Q3: What trucks are used for these routes?


Refrigerated box trucks and vans, also known as “reefers'' are required for a milk delivery business. These types of vehicles can maintain temperatures anywhere between 55℉ to 20° below zero. The fresh milk is driven from the local dairy processing plants to the businesses that sell dairy beverages. These insulated trucks are very crucial for route owners because half of the business will depend on making sure they get their milk supply delivered cold and fresh to the stores in their assigned territories. A CDL will be needed depending on the type of truck or van purchased for the milk route. 



Q4: What driver's license is required? 


The driver skills required would include owning a CDL if you plan on purchasing or leasing a refrigerated truck or trailer van that exceeds the weight limits of what is stated on your local DMV regulations website. Other endorsements may be required so check with your local state agencies. Other skills you would need are knowing how to properly handle and maintain the correct temperatures of your milk supply since dairy products tend to be easily perishable and susceptible to spoilage.



Q5: What establishments buy dairy products?


Any business you think of will sell milk in their establishment. Whether it be pharmacies, delis, supermarket chains, wholesale stores, or gas stations, the list goes on and on. Your customers can also include private organizations, public & private schools, hospitals, campsites, and more. When owning a milk route for sale, finding customers to sell your milk supply to will always be the least of your worries.



Q6: What is the nature of the work required? 


When you buy a dairy route for sale, expect your days of making deliveries to start early. If you show up late to the plant, you will be in the back of the line trying to get your orders in the truck. Responsibilities also include basic business obligations like taking orders over the phone, keeping track of invoices and payments, and delivering the product. This business usually can be operated by one person. If you don’t think you’ll be able to handle the loading and unloading of milk crates a couple of times a week then hiring another employee may be suitable for your milk delivery business.



Q7: How do milk route owners get paid?


After buying your product at market price from the milk factory, you will mark up the cost of the product by adding your profit to it. Keep in mind, that it may be necessary to decrease or increase the price of the milk from time to time since prices do fluctuate. Your clients will usually pay for the order when the milk is delivered. This is also known as C.O.D. or cash on delivery.  


                 *** Check out these cash-only businesses***



Q8: Can I expand after buying a route? 


After a successful purchase, you can focus on your customers who came with the route, or you can find more customers, get leads, or seek referrals. You could even try to recruit new businesses that are about to open to sell your product. Once you establish a new set of customers, you can consider buying the next truck and expanding your route.



Q9: Do I need to work in this business?


Acquiring milk routes for sale as a second business is possible. The business will still need to be managed as far as answering calls from customers, scheduling routes, GPS tracking drivers, and handling the billing portion of your company. You can hire a driver and manage this business from your office or home. You will also be responsible for any expenses that may occur while your employees are working the milk delivery routes (ex. fuel costs, insurance fees, truck maintenance, etc)



Q10: Are milk routes protected? 


Milk routes are usually not protected, but depending on the milk business you buy, they may have accounts set up with agreements. This is a good question to ask the seller of the route before you purchase one.



Q11: What are some pros and cons of starting a milk distribution route? 


Pros of Starting a Milk Distribution Business:

Starting a milk delivery business from scratch offers several advantages, including complete control over every aspect of the business. This includes control over the products offered and the culture created within the business. Another advantage is the lower upfront investment required compared to buying an existing business. 

Additionally, starting a business from scratch provides more flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and pivot the business as needed. If the business is successful, there is the potential to earn higher profits compared to buying an existing business, as profits would not need to be split with a previous owner.


Cons of Starting a Milk Distribution Business:

However, starting a business from scratch also presents several challenges. One of the main challenges is that it may take longer to start generating a profit compared to buying an existing business. 


Starting a business also involves a higher level of risk, as there is no guarantee of success. In addition, starting a business requires investment in infrastructure, such as vehicles, equipment, and facilities, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Finally, starting a business from scratch means that relationships with suppliers, customers, and staff must be built from the ground up.



Q12: What are some pros and cons of buying a milk distribution business?


Pros of buying a milk distribution business:

Buying an existing business in the milk distribution industry has several advantages. Firstly, you will have immediate access to an established customer base which can help you generate revenue right away. Additionally, if the business has been operating for a while, it will likely have experienced staff who can help you run the business efficiently. 

Furthermore, an established business has a proven business model that has already been tested in the market, giving you more confidence in the viability of the business. The business will also likely have strong relationships with suppliers which can be valuable in securing products at competitive prices.

 Lastly, buying a business means that you will have immediate access to existing infrastructure such as vehicles, equipment, and facilities, saving you time and money on setup costs.


Cons of buying a milk distribution business:


While there are many benefits to buying an existing milk delivery business for sale, there are also several disadvantages to consider. Firstly, buying an existing business typically requires a higher upfront investment compared to starting a business from scratch. Secondly, there may be hidden costs associated with the purchase of a business, such as outstanding debts or repairs to equipment and facilities. Additionally, the business you're buying may have operational issues that you will need to address, such as inefficient processes or outdated equipment. Finally, the existing staff and business culture may not align with your values and work style, making it difficult to integrate into the business.


 Bizroutes review on milk routes for sale 

If you seek a profitable and sustainable enterprise with a promising future, consider acquiring a well-established milk delivery route. It is often more advantageous to purchase an existing distribution business with a reputable track record, as opposed to starting a new venture from scratch. The process of financing a well-functioning business is typically less complicated, providing opportunities to make improvements and enhance growth prospects.

In the highly competitive landscape of milk delivery, there is a constant demand for prompt and reliable service. The prices of milk and eggs, stapling commodities, are standardized across the industry, making it difficult to differentiate and compete on price alone. Thus, the key to success in this industry is to cultivate and maintain long-standing relationships with customers and to continuously strive for operational excellence.

Acquiring a well-established milk route for sale with a loyal customer base is a strategic move that provides the foundation for growth and success. With the right approach and a commitment to excellence, you can position yourself for continued success in this dynamic industry.



Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The laws and regulations regarding business licenses may vary from state to state and are subject to change. It is important to contact your local state office to determine which licenses are required for any specific businesses. If you are considering starting a business, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified lawyer, business broker, or professional in your area. The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.


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