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Buying a milk route for sale? 



Here’s what you need to know! 


Should you invest in a milk route for sale?

Did you know that the United States is the world's second-largest cow milk producer with a value of 100 million metric tons in 2020?

Milk is one dairy product that contains hundreds of essential nutrients. That is the reason why it is such an important dietary product. 

Now besides these wonderful facts, why should you buy a milk route for sale? Let's dive into why …



What makes a milk route for sale a good business? 

The hard part is raising the cows and milking them. You get the fun part, filling up your truck and delivering to your customers. Becoming a distributor for a milk plant is not only a great business to own, but it's also a simple business to operate. The process involves buying it wholesale and reselling it to your customers. The good news is once you start selling milk, you can also expand your business’s income with other dairy products, like a variety of cheeses, eggs, and flavored milk beverages!



What trucks are used for these routes? 

 Refrigerated box trucks with a lift gate which may require a CDL may be required depending on the milk route you purchase.



Who do you sell milk to?  

Your customers are a variety of public schools and private schools, local delis, bodegas, supermarket chains, pharmacies, gas stations, and also wholesales. 



What is the nature of the work required? 

 Responsibilities include taking orders over the phone and delivering the product. Buying a milk route for sale is a business that requires starting early. If you show up late to the plant, you will be in the back of the line trying to get your orders in the truck. This business usually can be operated by one person.



Who pays the company for work performed?  

Customers usually pay for the order when the milk is delivered, which is considered (C.O.D cash on delivery). 



How do I charge a client? 

After buying your product at market price, mark up by adding your profit, but also charging market price as milk prices do fluctuate, so keep that in mind.



Can I expand after buying a route? 

After a successful purchase, you can focus on your customers that came with the route, or you can find more customers, get leads, seek referrals, and also new businesses that are about to open. Once you establish a new set of customers, you can consider buying the next truck and expanding your route.



Do I need to work in this business?

 You can buy a milk route for sale as a second business. The business will still need to be managed as far as answering calls from customers, scheduling routes, GPS tracking drivers, and handling billing. You can hire a driver and manage this business from your office or home. 



Driver skill required?  

 It usually depends on truck size as to whether or not a CDL is required. Other endorsements may be required so check with your local state agencies. 



Are milk routes protected? 

 Milk routes are usually not, but depending on the milk business you buy, they may have accounts set up with agreements. (A good question to ask). 



 Bizroutes review on milk routes for sale 

If you're looking for a business with a good future and sales, the milk delivery business is the one for you. It is always beneficial to buy an existing distribution business with a good reputation rather than starting a new one. It is also easier to finance a business that's already running and planning to make it better. By buying a milk route for sale the work never stops as it is a business that's very competitive. The reason for that is the price of milk and eggs are pretty similar for everyone, so trying to sell a low price product to take a customer from the next company will only hurt you.

The best bet is to buy an established milk route business with long-term customers and grow it after you acquire it. 


To the best of our knowledge, the information provided on this website is not intended to be taken as professional financial advice. Consult a professional financial or tax expert if you require this advice.


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