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Looking for Tropicana routes for sale?

When it comes to beverage distribution,you would want to distribute name brands such as tropicana, This juice brand has a name everyone is aware of. From your school-going children to the daily office workers, Tropicana is a sip of sunshine for them. The United States is the third-largest consumer of orange juice, having an intake of 52.6 liters. 75 years ago, Anthony t. Rossi in his mid-20s decided to provide Americans with the freshest orange juice. Thanks to him, we now get 16 fresh oranges in a 56-ounce container. Not to ignore the tiny amount of natural oil the tastemakers don’t forget to add.

Tropicana comes in a variety of different flavors and types, and by variety, I mean ‘huge’ variety.  Name a fruit and Tropicana already has it squeezed in their bottles. From your daily routine Fruit juices to liquids with probiotics,Tropicana even provides the consumers with oranges that are half their sugar value and calories. Their main nutritional values are calcium, vitamin C and Vitamin D, literally all the basic needs of your body. These are among many reasons why Tropicana pure premium was the leading refrigerated orange juice brand in the USA in 2017. Within the orange juice brand category, Tropicana pure premium had the highest share at 31.7 percent. In 2016, the brand generated sales of around 54.16 million U.S dollars.

What are the benefits of Tropicana routes for sale?

The consumer base is not only your local store owners but also bars and schools. Bars because, Tropicana is not just a fruit juice, it can also be consumed in other ways. It can be mixed with alcoholic drinks like tequila and Gin to give them a wholesome fruity flavor. The company has even introduced a ‘kids’ range that contains 100 percent pure juice making it child-friendly and ideal for school lunch boxes. It even has a ‘fruit and veggies’ flavor. Now, who wouldn’t want a Tropicana in their child’s lunchbox?. This is, obviously a beneficial step on the company’s part.

Tropicana has also collaborated with charity works and is trying to reduce carbon footprint by encouraging carbon recycling and supporting forest sustainability. People could buy special promotional packages and be a part of the good cause.

When it comes to the packaging, Tropicana uses recyclable PET plastic and the new package design also makes it easy to pour the drink. It also comes with different packaging sizes; 52 oz, 12 oz, 89 oz, and even 10 oz.  

This brand extracts 34000 oranges per minute and the plant processes 48 million oranges and fills 2.5 million containers in one day. Too much production, no?

The good news is, for all these producers, there are Tropicana routes for sale. So, What’s better than supplying fresh fruit juices, with wonderful packaging and the highest sales?


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