Navigating the Ins and Outs of Buying a Snapple Route: A Comprehensive Guide




When searching distribution routes for sale, you can choose independent beverages or you can go with New York's favorite “Twist and Pop”, which is better known as Snapple.

 If you would like to be a part of a dynamic beverage company, then you may be interested in Snapple routes for sale! Snapple beverages have been a  known brand for over forty years. Created in Brooklyn, NY by Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg, Snapple has grown to have over 30 flavors and is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper Inc. Snapple bottles are known for the “Real Facts” printed on the inside of the lids, lets dive in more but first We highly recommend you register for free as a buyer, by doing so we will be able to send you more business ideas to start and get notified as soon as a Snapple route for sale  is available 




Q1: What are the products sold by Snapple? 


The products sold by Snapple are just beverages. Their different varieties include juice drinks, flavored teas, Snapple Elements (which contain 45% less sugar), as well as Snapple Zero Sugar. These drinks come in 8-, 16-, 20-, 32-, and 64-oz sizes. These sizes except for the 32- and 64-oz usually come in a 12 or 24-pack case. 



Q2: What trucks are used for Snapple routes? 


As a snapple distributor, you would be responsible for loading your truck with up to 500 cases of Snapple beverage so it’s very critical to own a truck that can withstand this weight. Beverage trucks, also known as “side loaders” are ideal since they have sliding doors that make it easy to offload to businesses. If you plan on purchasing any of the Snapple routes for sale in New York, make sure you are prepared to maneuver through the busy streets and rush hour traffic. This may also apply to Snapple routes for sale in Long Island.



Q3: Who are the customers of Snapple distributors?


When buying Snapple routes for sale, you will distribute your products to many different customers based in your territory. Snapple is sold in supermarkets, delis, groceries, bodegas, wholesale stores, takeout stores, and even bars and restaurants. You can boost sales of your drinks by offering your customers a Snapple G-2c Countertop Cooler or a Snapple G-77 Electric Impulse Cooler to display in a prime location to attract drinkers in their establishments. This helps provide their customers with more options to choose from while increasing sales which is an advantage for you and your clients.





Q4: What is the nature of the work required? 


Snapple distributors have to be prepared to carry and lift around 500 cases of beverages on and off the truck regularly. Each case can weigh up to 45 pounds. So it might be in your best interest to hire an additional employee to help make these deliveries. This may decrease revenue from your profits but it will save you from paying all those medical bills if you hurt yourself in the process. The work consists of loading and unloading cases from your truck to the business or customer. Some customers, like supermarkets, have loading docks while others may request you to carry them up or down stairs to their storage areas.



Q5: Is a Snapple route profitable? 


A Snapple route can be very profitable as long as you sell all your inventory. You earn money per case sold. Each route is different depending on the number of customers you have and also the type of customers. For example, if you have more wholesale customers, the profits may be thinner, but they will buy more, so it balances out. You can make $2,500 and up a week on weekly net profits.



Q6: How do Snapple routes make money?


A Snapple distributor purchases their beverages at a wholesale price from the manufacturer and sells them o retailers for a higher price than it was bought for. Once purchasing your Snapple product, you mark up your profit based on Snapple market prices. At times, you can offer deals to customers when buying a large bulk order. All of this depends on your wholesaler. 



Q7: How to grow my Snapple route business?


Acquiring any Snapple routes for sale means you will be protected with a secure route. The rest depends on getting leads and referrals. Coming up with a schedule that plans each day’s route will help you stay on top of the game and run your business smoothly and efficiently. Also, visibility is essential to making sales, so remember to advocate for those open-box coolers mentioned above to be placed in key areas of your customers’ establishments. When purchasing any Snapple routes for sales in New York, you’ll see more profits since they tend to have more stores with high-traffic customers.


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Q8: Is a Snapple route a good investment?


A Snapple route is a stable way to make income. Besides the specified labor required, running a beverage route is fairly easy and profitable. If you are buying this as a second business and will not be driving the route yourself, then you can operate it by taking orders or managing the route schedule. The tasks involved are simple, such as answering calls, collecting balances, and GPS tracking your trucks.



Q9: What license do I need to drive a Snapple truck?


Depending on the size of the truck, typically a beverage truck requires a CDL license along with a regular driver’s license. Check with your local DMV agency to find out what the requirements for obtaining a CDL are. Also, you may require a 2-week education course depending on the state you decide to purchase a Snapple route.



Q10: Are there Snapple routes available for sale? 


Currently, you can find  Snapple routes for sale in Long Island on different distribution company websites available. Snapple routes for sale in New York are very popular as well since that is where the majority of potential route owners start looking to buy.


BizRoutes advice and review on Snapple routes for sale


  1. Market demand: Make sure there is a good demand for Snapple products in the area you are considering buying the route for.

  2. Competition: Consider the level of competition in the area. If there are already several Snapple distributors, you may face challenges in building a profitable route.

  3. Distribution network: Ensure that the Snapple distribution network is well established and able to provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed.

  4. Investment: Be sure to carefully evaluate the financial investment required to purchase and run the route. This should include the cost of the route, operating expenses, and any necessary equipment.

  5. Business experience: Consider your own experience and skills in running a business. Operating a Snapple route will require strong management skills, attention to detail, and the ability to build and maintain relationships with customers.

It's always a good idea to thoroughly research and gather as much information as possible before making any major business decisions.


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