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Also known as, “The deli best”, Thumann’s is a family-owned company that was founded by Henry Thumann back in 1949.  He and his family have been committed to serving their customers with the best deli products ever since. Their unique family recipes use the minimum amounts of salt & sugar, and they never use any artificial flavors or colors, by-products, fillers, or gluten. Their products are trans-fat-free and contain absolutely no MSG.  Thumann’s products include a variety of deli meats, Italian cured specialties, hot dogs, bacon, cheese, and condiments.  As a Thumann’s route distributor, you would pick up these types of provisions from the facility and deliver the products to your assigned territories.

Hey, you're still here! I was starting to worry that you'd gone to the deli for a sandwich and forgotten about me. I mean, I don't blame you - Thumman's cold cuts are hard to resist. But I promise I have some information that's just as satisfying (or at least close to it) as a fresh, delicious sandwich. So, let's dive back in and see what we can learn together!

 Running a Thumann's route can be the ideal fit for you if you're looking for a business opportunity that lets you be your boss. Thumanns, one of the most reputable names in the food business, is known for offering premium meats, cheeses, and other deli goods. You can become a member of Thumanns' network of distributors and provide their delectable products to local clients by purchasing a route from them. However, before you take the plunge, you should consider whether this is the perfect opportunity for you and learn what it takes to run a successful Thumanns route...Check out below for questions and answers we researched!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Q1: What is the process of owning a Thumann's route?


The process includes building a customer base with the guidance of Thumann's company. Once you have your clients, you will start taking down the customer's orders, either in person or over the phone. Then after all your orders are placed, you can start loading the products into your truck and deliver them to your customers. It will be your responsibility to get these deliveries to your assigned territories on time. It’s a good idea to start your day early when making deliveries to avoid the rush hours. You may need to spend a few minutes inside each of these stores when giving them their orders, so make sure you park your truck in a place where you don’t obstruct traffic.


Q2:Can I buy a Thumann's route?


Currently, there are a couple of Thumann’s routes for sale available. You can find them on websites like or other route distribution websites. The most popular ones are Thumann’s routes for sale in NY and Thumann’s routes for sain ln NJ. Thumann’s routes are a great investment because they take pride in making healthy and tasty meats and this is what most customers look for when shopping for their cold cuts. Exploring Thumann's routes is a great start to becoming an independent route owner. You’ll also need to have a CDL depending on the truck you decide to buy or lease. It must be a refrigerated box truck since the products need to stay cold and fresh while making the deliveries. 




Q3: How much can I make when buying a Thumann's route?


When it comes to distribution routes revenue, each differs from the other. It comes down to how many customers you serve and how many products they buy in a week. Depending on the state you decide to buy your Thumann’s route, net sales can range anywhere between $1,300~$7,200. For example, a listing for a Thumann's route for sale in NJ is saying that the net weekly income is $6,400 after all expenses and this is for only working 3 days a week. Thumann's has expanded their brand throughout the states and continues to grow. 


Q4: Who does thumann's route distributors service?


After approval and if an acquisition is made, your seller will provide you with a list of their customers. Your customers will be made up of supermarkets, delis, grocery stores, diners, restaurants, and even wholesalers. You can always expand by going from one business to the other and asking if they are interested in doing business with you, as long as they aren’t already being supplied by another Thumann ambassador! Thumann’s will also be more than willing to help you get more customers if you are interested in taking up more accounts for your route. 


Q5: Are Thumann’s routes territory protected? 


Thumann protects your accounts from other Thumann distributors. What’s yours will stay yours because you will not have to worry about the next Thumann distributor taking your account for themselves. However, any other provision distribution company can always try and solicit your customers if they want to. It's up to you and your service to keep your customers happy. Your business should match the quality and outstanding service of Thumann’s brand at all times. As long as you give your customers what they need and maintain fair prices, then there is no need to worry about losing your accounts. 


Q6: How does a Thumann's route distributor get paid?


The way Thumann’s route owners get paid is fairly simple. You purchase the products from Thumann’s at a wholesale price and you sell it to your retail business accounts with a slight markup. Your customers tell you the orders they need and you prepare and deliver their goods. After you make these deliveries, the business will pay you on the day you supply them with their items. Your profit will also be based on a few factors, such as the size of the order a client makes and the expenses you’ve accumulated. 


 Bizroutes review on Thumann’s routes for sale


Thumann’s does an excellent job in marketing and they will provide you with decals,  stickers, and signs to give to your customers. Buying a Thumann’s route for sale is a great investment, especially in this economy. This is a great business if you are looking for a steady income and have taken an interest in purchasing your distribution route. If you have prior experience with businesses like delis and supermarkets, then this business will fit you perfectly.



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