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​​Buying a Thumann's food route?



Here's what you need to know first. 

“The deli best” Thumann’s food route is a distributor of deli meats that range from turkey, ham, salami, and much more as well as a variety of cheeses made with a family recipe. Henry Thumann founded the company in 1949, committed to serving the best deli products. The products contain no MSG and no trans fat, which is a huge plus for deli customers. 



Can I buy a Thumann's route?

YES, you can find Thumann's provision routes for sale, on websites like or other search engines. Thumann’s routes are a great investment as they take pride in making healthy and tasty meats. Exploring Thumann's routes is a great start to becoming an independent route owner.



What is the process of owning a Thumann's route?

 The process includes building a customer base with the guidance of Thumann’s and taking down the customer's orders, either in person or over the phone. Once orders are placed, you can start loading the orders into your truck and then delivering the product to your customers.



How much can I make when buying a Thumann's route?

 Each route differs from the other. It comes down to how many customers you serve and how many products they buy a week. Technavio reported it is a 186-billion-dollar industry and supermarkets are not going anywhere any time soon. Thumann’s has expanded their brand throughout the states and continues to grow. Find a Thumann's route for sale today.



Who are the customers?

 After approval and if an acquisition is made, your seller will provide you with a list of their customers. Your customers will be made up of supermarkets, delis, grocery stores, and even wholesalers. You can always expand by giving the company the knowledge that you need more customers and they will guide you on how to do so.



How do I get paid?

 Your customer makes the order and you deliver the goods. Your profit is based on many factors, such as the size of the orders and your expenses, like buying the products from Thumann’s wholesale. You end up with your cut at the end, customers are COD.



Are Thumann’s routes territory protected? 

 Thumann's protects your accounts from other Thumann's distributors. You will not have to worry about the next Thumann's distributor coming into your account, however, the next brand can always try and solicit your customers. It's up to you and your service to keep your customers happy.  Your business should match the quality and outstanding service of Thumann’s brand at all times.



Bizroutes review on thumanns routes for sale

 Thumann’s does an excellent job in marketing and providing you with stickers and signs to give to your customers. Buying a Thumann’s route is a great investment. This is a great business if you are looking for a steady income and are passionate about the product. If you have experience with businesses like delis and supermarkets, then this business will fit you perfectly.


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