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The only guide you will need to read to start a recycling business 



What is recycling really? and why is everyone getting into the business. 


Recycling has become a lucrative business, once the most hated business has become a business everyone wants to tap into, whether you are just considering how to start a recycling business or are already in the business and looking to expand gathered 9 different types of recycling business below.

The first step to a successful recycling business is understanding what you are dealing with, understanding the process, and the liability of handling waste management, there are many types of waste management. Are you dealing with solid waste, liquid waste, or hazardous waste? Once you decide which waste you will haul from your customers, you will need to see what licenses are required, each state differs from the others. Once you contact your state licensing agencies and figure out what's needed to haul waste like do you qualify to be taxed exempt? Or how many types of licenses do I need?once you  start the process they make require you to provide them with a licensed waste disposal facility they need to be able to track where you are dumping that waste you've collected , so  you will need to make sure you already contacted a licensed waste disposal center that will take your haul, that can be daily weekly or bi weekly depending on your volume or route schedule, some waste disposal facilities will pay you a rebate for your waste as it it recycled and flipped for a profit others will charge you by the pound as it is useless, once you have made arrangements with your vendor on payments and prices , you will need to figure out equipment, this can be your biggest cost , are you buying a used truck or new waste removal truck, there are different types of waste management trucks considering the type of waste being hauled, finally you will need a waste management software to help you route between stops,this is very crucial being that you are not allowed on certain highways , route software is a great way to help you recycling business….  Below I listed 9 types of waste removal routes that can be very lucrative if done right.



10 types of recycling businesses to start 


The first step before understanding how to start a recycling business is picking a type of waste removal business below I listed 10 types I found interesting and some I tried out myself, let's start by choosing one of the below and ask yourself do you see yourself doing that recycling business?


1. Scrap metal: what is it and how to make money from scrap

The world we live in is full of items and materials that can be recycled to make new products. One such material is scrap metal. Scrap Metal is a term for any type of metal or alloy that has been used, worn out, or broken down so much it no longer has the desired form or function for its original purpose. The recycling process can take many forms depending on what type of metal you are attempting to recycle.  Some metals may need only an acid bath to remove rust before being able to be melted into liquid form again while other types may require more complicated processes like reduction by electrolysis with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). Once the metals have been processed they are then available for use in making new products.


Where to find scrap metal?

Finding scrap metal can be like a treasure hunt but once you establish a good client base referrals will kick in. The best places to start looking for scrap metal are auto repair shops and construction sites.


What is the process to remove scrap metal?

If the job is small you will usually get a call to come to remove the scrap metal, haul it to your work vehicle, and transport it to the scrapyard, if the job is a big example a large demolition they will ask for a dumpster as they need a place to dump all the scrap for you in one neat place. 



2. TIRE WASTE REMOVAL ROUTES: What is tire waste removal?

There are many ways to keep our environment clean and healthy and make a profit, One way is recycling tires. with so many types of recycling businesses to consider like plastic, paper, metal, and much more. Tire waste is a type of recyclable material that we often do not think about recycling or disposing of properly. In recent years there have been studies showing the negative effects tire waste has on our environment as well as potential health hazards it can create for us if not disposed of properly. While missing out on the big picture, start a tire waste removal route!


Where to find used tires to recycle?

Building relationships with tire repair shops and tire sellers is a must also junk removal companies that are networking, may charge a client and also make a rebate from you in exchange to sell you the used tire, you will usually make a profit after you sold all your used tires to a recycling plant.


What is the process of recycling tires?

Once you have your clients set up you can do drive-bys and see if they are ready to dispose of any old tires. Most of the time used tire collectors have a large box truck where they line them up neatly so they don't fall over. 



3. WASTE COOKING OIL REMOVAL ROUTES: What is waste cooking oil removal?

A lot of people wonder how can someone start a recycling business, there are many questions like where do I find it or where to dispose of it? which brings us to this section..Ever wonder what restaurants do with all that old used cooking oil they used in their kitchen? Well, it turns out that recycling this waste cooking oil is not only good for the environment but also good for your wallet. Not only is hiring a licensed waste hauler mandatory its a need for the environment, when carless restaurants didn't know what to do with the used cooking oil they will dump it down the drains which affects our drains and water system, now companies come and remove it with a pump truck, but used cooking also helps create biodiesel a cleaner alternative to petro. 


Where to find used cooking oil?

Any establishment that cooks with grease, can be a small restaurant to a catering business,some customers cook more than others some use less grease.


What is the process?

As a used cooking oil removal owner you will provide customers a 55-gallon drum to dispose of the oil grease once it’s full they will call you or you can schedule them weekly or monthly depending on how frequent they need service 



4. Junk removal routes :What is junk removal?

If You want to keep your junk out of already overcrowded landfills, reduce waste and energy consumption, and prevent the spread of plastics into our oceans, hiring a junk removal service is a great

option. If you have junk piling up in your garage, basement, or even living room, you may require the assistance of a junk removal company. These companies come to your home or business and pick up junk removal items that you can't dispose of yourself and haul away for a fee.


Where to find junk waste ?

Numerous types of junk can be removed. Typically, a junk removal company will pick up all types of junk, such as large bulky items that you do not want to lift, filthy and dusty items...

Everything from broken furniture to machines, electronic goods, floor coverings, mattresses, fitness equipment, outdoor equipment, and just about anything else you can think of is acceptable.


How is junk removed?

Full-service junk removal usually requires 2-3 people visiting a home or office or any establishment that needs jumk removal service, carrying the discarded items outside, loading them into a dumpster or truck, and hauling them away forever. The work is similar to that of hired movers, except that the items are properly disposed of rather than moved to the client's new location.


5. Cesspool routes: What is a cesspool business?

A cesspool is a deep hole or pit in the earth that receives drainage or sewage from a house's sinks, toilets, and other fixtures. It is similar to septic tanks or soaks pits in that it can be used for the temporary collection and storage of feces, excreta, or fecal sludge as part of an on-site sanitation system. It was traditionally a deep cylindrical chamber dug into the ground, measuring approximately 1 meter in diameter and 2–3 meters in depth. They had the same appearance as hand-dug water well.


Where can it be found?

It can be located either 10-15 meters down the basement into the sewers or outside of the property 


What’s the process of cesspool routes?

The septic tank receives waste from the home. Organic solids float to the top of the tank while inorganic solids sink to the bottom. Organic particles in the septic tank are converted to liquid by naturally occurring microorganisms. The transparent liquid flows into the leaching field between the "solids" and "sludge" layers.



7. Medical waste disposal routes :What is medical waste disposal?

Medical (biomedical) waste is one of the types of waste management is that very important to do your homework on, not only is it dangerous but it requires many licenses and types of insurance it can be hazardous to one's health and safety. Aside from their contagious and noxious substances, the highly variable and ambiguous nature of medical wastes has raised global concerns about storage, treatment, transportation, and safe disposal. Medical waste is a subset of waste produced at health care facilities such as hospitals, physicians' offices, dental practices, blood banks, and veterinary hospitals/clinics, as well as medical research centers and labs. Medical waste, also recognized as regulated medical waste, is defined as healthcare waste that has been contaminated by blood, bodily fluid, or other contaminants.


Where to remove medical waste?

Medical waste might certainly be disposed of in a landfill. It is now sterilized and recycled before being disposed of in a dump site. This method generally employs incinerators and autoclaves to remove pathogens at immensely high pressure and temperature. Medical waste facility guidelines should be followed in areas such as treatment, storage, transportation, labeling, and packaging. To obtain certified containers, it would be essential to work collaboratively with USPS. you can work with clinics, daycare, physicians, or animal vets 


What is the process for the removal of medical waste removal ?

Any biomedical waste must be correctly garnered in a yellow bag, labeled correctly, and sealed. Then, just for the finishing touch, wrap it again. Sharp waste, such as needles and scalpels, should be disposed of in a sterile container. Incineration is a standard technique that can be used on or off-site to synchronously treat and dispose of waste. Thermal processing (autoclaving), irradiation, and chemical, or biological (enzyme) treatment can all be used to decontaminate waste.



8. Pallet recycling business: What is Pallet recycling?

Reusing and recycling wood pallets is a time-honored method of disposing of unwanted pallets. Pallets were traditionally dismantled so that the stringers could be reused in other projects, but today pallet recycling has taken on a whole new meaning.


Where are pallets used for?

Pallets are mainly used in the shipping industry to place product boxes, which can be easily moved by forklifts, front loaders, pallet trucks, and other lifting equipment. Pallets are mainly made of wood, but there are also plastic, paper, and metal pallets. You can collect used pallets from closeout stores, warehouses, malls, and shopping centers.


What’s the process of pallets recycling?

Used, and damaged pallets can be recycled in several different ways. For example, a slightly damaged pallet is repaired by a pallet processing company and usually sold back to the market at a discounted price. On the other hand, severely damaged pallets are usually shredded. Once shredded, magnets are used to separate the nails and staples and send them to a metal recycler. Palettes are usually made of the same type of wood. Pallets made from recycled plastic can be made in a variety of ways, including utilizing virgin resin or recycled pallets.



9. Grease trap cleaning business :What is a grease trap business?

A grease trap is a plumbing device (a trap) used to remove most grease and solids before they enter the wastewater treatment system Intercept.


Who uses grease traps?

Large amounts of oil from cooking in restaurants can enter a septic tank or wastewater treatment plant, releasing untreated wastewater into the environment. Highly viscous fats and cooking oils such as tallow harden when cooled and may combine with other disposable solids, blocking drain pipes. Restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that cook or clean dishes with grease. It is usually located right under the sink and in another place it is built outside  


What is the Process of grease trap cleaning routes?

Remove grease and surface debris from the interceptor. An evacuated tube is immersed in the interceptor to suck the solids from the bottom of the grease trap, and after the solids are gone, the water must be drained from the interceptor. The grease trap must be cleaned. Any water remaining from the vacuum should be vacuumed up, the inspector then needs to check the inlet and outlet sides of the receiver to ensure that they are not clogged, that the tubes are securely secured, and that the baffles are checked to ensure that the interceptor should be carefully checked for cracks and defects.



10. Garbage business: What is garbage business?

Commercial waste is any waste that results from commercial activity. If you use a small part of your home to operate your business, any waste generated by that specific part is considered commercial business waste. Construction and demolition waste are also examples of commercial waste.


Where to collect commercial garbage

It is procured from commercial establishments such as residential apartment buildings, office buildings, restaurants, industrial parks, and all other commercial facilities, as well as all recyclable materials from recycling facilities.


What is the process of garbage collection?

Commercial waste disposal is typically the responsibility of each business. Businesses are obliged to make their strategies for garbage pickup, intervention, and treatment of waste. Commercial garbage pickup companies understand customers’ unique waste service needs. That’s why they make sure that garbage collection and environmental services help your business, not burden it. Commercial garbage pickup companies should offer flexible schedules to fit the company's demands and adaptable waste and recycling equipment to change as the client's needs change. Every truck should be equipped with GPS to track, and it will let clients focus on their business.


Conclusion paragraph:

If you're looking to find out more about how to start a recycling business that is both profitable and eco-friendly, then starting your recycling service may be the perfect move. Think about it - in many places around the country, people are already paying to have their trash taken away by professional waste management companies. This means there's room for another company to come along and offer an even better product at a lower cost with less environmental impact! 


Let us Wrap it up! Types of Waste Management Routes

So if this seems like something you want to do or know someone who might need help getting started on their recycling route, choose any of these types of waste management routes or dig more into the internet to find more types of recycling opportunities out there today 


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